Suggestion to which hero I need to lvl up ( I’m confused)

Friends , I have heroes shown below . I’m leveling up 3 star heroes because need to form 6 teams for war. I need some suggestions which I need to level up. I’m currently producing feeders in 1 TC 19 and 1 TC 11 , 1 is TC 20 and 1 under construction.

Thanks .

I count 20 war-ready heroes. I would add:

Balthazar, Belith (finish), Berden (finish), Mnesseus, Cochin. Valen, Bane #2 which takes you to 27. This is heavy on greens, which is good—it will be a nice color-stack against a blue tank.

Renfeld is not worth any effort.

Elsewhre in your roster, I’d get Scarlett up to 3/60 before continuing on Sumitomo. She needs the extra def/HP to be useable. One Kashhrek is all you’ll ever need. Wu should be maxed after Bane 2, then Justice. Finish Rigard before continuing with the Cat.


Thanks for ur great advice . What about 5 star heroes ( currently I hv these )

Good advice by @Kerridoc as always.

For the 5 star it will depend on ascension materials you have.


Yeah, I was hoping to duck on the 5*.

Good news: these are all solid 5* with a place in the meta.

Bad news: three of these are tanks (Justice, Richard, Kunchen).

Kunchen and Marjana seem like no-brainers to me to complete. Great healer, great sniper.

The other three are trickier to sort. Richard is a fine blue tank, Justice is a fine yellow tank; both benefit from paladin emblems. Isarnia is a terror, but slow mana; on titans a big mana pot fixes that. Also her -defense debuff is overwritten by Kunchen’s and Grimm’s.

If you need to choose only one blue 5* and one paladin, that takes you to Isarnia and Justice.


So is it better to level up kunchen and majarana out of 5 first ?

Thanks for great advice friend

Better to leave those 5* just where they are until you get your bench deepened. 5* take gobs of feeders and food. If you follow color-matched feeding, as i always urge starting players to do, then turn your attention to these 5* after you’ve gotten the projects done in my first reply.

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Thanks friend great advice :slight_smile:

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