Suggestion to improve the overall gaming experience of players. Regarding obtaining heroes and their evolution

Hello everyone,

I come here to try to give advice, areas for improvement, and changes so that we players can have more fun in the future and keep the game going. I risk being long, but it is necessary to make the whole thing understood.

Above all, I would like to thank the various improvements that have been proposed in recent months. These are as follows:

  • The costumes for the heroes of season 1 which give them a second wind, and a new interest in general, and incidentally a not insignificant possibility to obtain additional good heroes especially for beginners, but also for players who have not yet managed to obtain all the heroes of season 1.

  • The overhaul of the system for emblems, the possibility to earn many more, and to see the cost in resources drastically reduced, is really very good.

  • The ninja tower event is all very good for the more experienced players, it’s something that was a bit missing for the older players.

  • The new war bonuses to come, because it might allow a little bit of diversity, even if we’re still starting to be very saturated to see perpetual green tank strategies with blue and red heroes at its side. Let’s hope it can change that, even if personally I don’t believe in it.

  • The will to balance some heroes who are too present, and to improve others to see them more often, even if it doesn’t seem to be enough yet.

  • The new buildings, especially the hero academy allowing many options, but especially the possibility to recycle 5 star heroes in duplicate. The alchemy laboratory is fantastic as well.

Now that all this has been said, I’m going to tackle my remarks.

*** The first thing I find regrettable is the low rate of obtaining evolution items for 5 star heroes. Outside of evolution quests, it’s really very random, and very, very low. Let me explain, you’ve added a lot of content, and as I’ve already said, I thank you for that, but it considerably increases the number of potential heroes to obtain, yet the way of making them evolve hasn’t changed, and the number of evolution objects hasn’t evolved either. This obviously doesn’t help players to move forward. All the more so as with the redesign of the emblems, the differences between the oldest players having decks with multiple available heroes will therefore be all the greater .

=> My suggestions :

  • Delete the evolution quest, and thus put a 5 stars hero evolution item as a reward for the last level of each emblem quest, randomly of course if necessary.

  • Put an evolution item for a 5-star hero systematically in the rare coloured chests, as well as in the alliance war chest.

  • Increase the frequency of the evolution quest to twice a week if the first point is not possible (but I think the first one makes more sense to avoid the multiplication of quests).

*** Next comes the problem of summoning. We’re not going to hide it, seeing so many 3* heroes from season 1 in our invocations becomes cumbersome in the long run. We have events every month, seasonal events, season 2, season 3, costumes, then ninjas. So, yes, we have to make choices, that’s undeniable, and luck has its importance of course. No one can deny that, there has to be a bit of magic, otherwise it doesn’t make sense, if it all falls apart. However, the problem is that the game is soon to reach its third year, and the heroes of season 1 are clearly obsolete for the vast majority of them. Proof of this is also your adjustment to highlight Season 3 heroes in the October balance update. As said, the idea is not to make it too easy to get the very good heroes either, but to rebalance things.

=> My suggestions :

  • The 5 star heroes of season 1 are available through camp 20, it might be a good idea to increase the rate to get some especially for the more novice players so that they can progress a bit faster and compete with more experienced players . The latter will often always be a step behind otherwise.

  • Drastically reduce the rate of obtaining 5-star heroes of season 1 at events (monthly event, seasonal, season 2, season 3, ninja). Yes, they should not be easy to obtain, but as you have shown by improving the heroes of season 3, what is important is to be able to take advantage of the changes and new heroes to make diversity Except that there, these heroes are far too diluted in the amount of heroes available to have a good chance of getting them.

  • Set up a counter that offers the player a 5-star hero at random among those available on the invocation portal used when a certain number of successive invocations (to be defined) has not allowed the player to get a 5-star hero. This is something that is very common in many similar games in order to reduce the frustration of players unlucky in the draws.

  • Introduce a new token system, this one, which can only be obtained during a mystical vision in a random way with a low rate, 1 or 2% (so everyone is on the same level), in the alliance war chest (so at best every 3 weeks or so) with an adapted rate of obtaining a slightly higher rate than in mystical visions. This token would make it possible to make a new single invocation portal, where all the 5* heroes of the game would be available since its release, apart from the heroes of season 1. Obviously, no specific offer to obtain more invocations on this portal.

Finally, the daily gem gain is also an interesting source of debate compared to what is done on other games. Gems are an indispensable resource for many different things. Obviously, invocations are the most important, both for heroes and troops, which already makes two important sources. Now we also have the alchemy lab, and I pass on all the other possibilities available in the shop which are useful for certain categories of players even more “invested” in the game. Maybe it might be interesting to upgrade the reward system a little bit.

I haven’t made any suggestions about improving the titan loot, but here too many players complain, as they feel they can’t really benefit from the efforts made to kill higher titans.

It might also be interesting to make the gaming experience for new players easier and faster …

To conclude, I know that my tirade is long, can be complicated, can be badly formulated, but these are all interesting leads that deserve a little more time. Of course, to continue to develop content, you need to make money, and we are aware of this and we are willing to participate in a moderate way, but to do so, we would also need to find additional interest. Some of them have been playing this game for almost three years now, it shows interest and loyalty, but it would be time to revisit mechanisms that were valid at the beginning, but which are no longer valid today.

Thanks for taking the time to read me, and I hope this helps you see ways to make the game more engaging and enjoyable for the whole community … It wasn’t that simple to try to make people understand everything I had to say since English is clearly not my language of reference, I just hope it was understandable! : D

See you soon on the game!

I will give you my vote, because I think I understand most of what you’re requesting, and I agree with most of the suggestions you propose. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have suggested some of the same changes myself in the past. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will ever happen. :slightly_frowning_face:

But I applaud you for this post! :+1:

Your English was quite understandable to me. :wink:

Sadly, I fear that many other posters here will probably disagree with your ideas…

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I agree with what I think you are saying as I am a novice player. One thing that bothers me the most is that when I summon I am getting the same heroes over and over. I would like to be able to be able to some others that I can switch out during arena fights and challenges. If healing and resurrection do not work during arena football gating then it would be nice to have someone else to substitute.

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Hello, so i dont know if its intentional or a bug but i can’t ascend any of my heroes passed level 4 due to not receiving the material necessary to do so. its been about two months now. on top of that i cant even buy it. Also its the summons and hero training seem to consistently produce the same heroes no matter if its rare, epic, or legendary categories. Please updated the percentage of receiving a hero. Its disheartening to wait 2 days for a 2 star hero that you already have.

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