[Suggestion Stub] War rewards only if use 3 war energy

[Suggestion Stub] War rewards only if use 3 War Energy

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Alliance fellows pissed off at other fellows who put up crappy war defense team, use 0 war energy and get rewards.

Change so no rewards if don’t use at least 3 war energy. Or something like D score titans rewards.

in the last war one of our members did not use his lives since we won hands down, member did not have any loot. so I think it’s already in place.


If you don’t use at least one war flag you don’t get any rewards…

That being said my alliance trains new folks and we have someone who just made it to level 13. First war he gets to participate in, and you’re saying he should be punished for not having roster depth and contributing?

Not just no… But hell no! We don’t need more oversight built in the game for these matters if you have issues with your alliance or its members sort it on your own =S

No reason you can’t find a better group or if you run the alliance find people who think like you. No reason to ever spend resources adding this period.


This is something to be handled by the leaders of the alliance, not the developers of the game.


Some people don’t like AW and so don’t want to participate, and that’s fine. I don’t see a problem with letting them lose and collect a practice sword and common herbs.

There are players that dont have 15 heroes to put on war. Imagine they make 2 teams, get 2 victories, earn 140 points for their alliance, and have no right of reward?

I agree with you here. My alliance is a training alliance too.

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BS. You can score points using unleveled 1* and 2* feeders, which everyone can easily get.

I proposed elsewhere a similar idea for tiering war loot:

A: used 6 flags
B: used 4-5 flags
C: used 1-3 flags
Nil: used no flags,


We are also an alliance that is helping new players.
What we see is that most new players around level 10 are not able to send out 3 teams let alone 6 teams.
It is already frustrating for them to participate because all they can do is scratch some opponent and that is it.
Bad idea in my opinion because war is about working together and all doing what you can do to win.
What you suggest is in favor for the stronger players in alliance and they are already being better rewarded in titan battles. So please keep this fair for low levels as well.

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Alliance wars are a team work. It doesnt matter how many points a single member can give to the alliance, but how many points can be made by the whole team.
Sometimes stronger members can soften an opponent so a weaker one can finish it.

Tiers are not suitable for this team work. By winning the war, the whole team should be equally rewarded.

For issues in the alliance regarding players not doing their job, this should be handled by the leadership.

AW are different from titans where tiers are applied and make sense.

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Again, I disagree. They can’t send out 6 good teams, but even if they save the 2* feeders, they can use all their hits and score points for the alliance. Don’t level them up, just hold them for the wars, then feed them after they’ve been used. Surely they are producing 40 feeders a week?

I agree, which is why my proposal has nothing to do with how many points you scored, but everything to do with how often you tried to score points. Someone who hits once isn’t pulling his weight. Use all six flags to help your team and you get the full reward.


Players level 10 aren’t even participating in the wars…

or was this changed again?

You are right, has to be level 12, my mistake.
Does not change the fact that players at that level are desperately trying to level the decent hero’s they have and are not concerned with keeping hero’s for a war where they cannot do more than scratch some opponents.
@Kerridoc Some or not producing 40 feeders a week. We are lucky when they are online every other day.

This logic is flawed… If you wanted to make a strong recommendation you would say they need to hit with their feeder troops first. By using the 2* heroes in the war, they then become available to level up the stronger heroes that can still be used in the war. Wake teams have to be used yes, but neglecting to use them first only prevents a maximum amount of damage.

Also your math is broken. Wars happen twice a week so needing 40 heroes would be for just two wars, leaving 10 spots for stronger heroes. You’re assuming that level 12 players already have a bench of 10 3* or higher heroes? Some people in my alliance are level 16 and the strongest they have in a particular element is a maxed 2* hero.

You clearly haven’t been a low level player for a year, you have no understanding of where players should reasonably be at that stage. Might as well give up the advice giving altogether…

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To use 6 flags you only need 6 heroes… technically


You just spent 4 paragraphs putting someone down, who’s sin was…putting others down?

Let’s get rid of the pot and kettle and keep this a constructive conversation please.


I went to war without knowing you needed several teams, and I Didn’t know you could only use a hero once, so I ended up using feeders. I had no intention pissing anyone off for ending up using crappy feeders. I’m stuck, don’t even know how to get more energy to continue. I’ve improved my team, but I Now know you can’t change your initial team. I won’t get into another war till I have fully read up on this. I thought the dynamics of it were similar to titans. What should I do now?

Amen @Kerridoc. Very well said

So now you know the fundamentals of Alliance Wars, just build on that foundation :slight_smile:

1: Save and level up more heros. 30x heros gives you 6 full teams.

2: Keel building your base so you get to TC20 for a chance of getting 5* heros from your Training Camps.

3: Either stay in your current alliance or find a smaller one with players that are more closely matched to you.

Or opt out of wars completely, but where’s the fun in that? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I’ll stay in the war if it doesn’t hurt the team. Nobody has complained but I still don’t know if it’s better to stay or opt out. I can continue playing with my limited amount of heroes, just want to make sure it doesn’t hurt the team, or that I’m not taking someone else’s spot who could do better

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