[Suggestion] Squires or a use for 2*+20 hereos

[Suggestion] Squires or a use for 2*+20 hereos

Squire rules

To really stretch this out for both F2P and P2W.

2* / 3* tournaments, and Rare tier challenge events, only allow 1* squires.

4* / 5* tournaments, and Epic / Legendary tier challenge events, allow 1*, or 2*, squires.

This would give a reason to 1*+20 heroes.

This would also make tier completion rewards from challenge events easier to get ( like the addition of 3*+20 / 4*+20 heroes ), but like costumes, require players to level up squires before unlocking their full potential.

Barracks level 10

1* squires unlock at Barracks level 01

2* squires unlock at Barracks level 10

Class quests

If this idea works, 1* hero classes would need to be rethought.



It would even fit the lore of the game


Sigrunn could be Scarlett 's younger, more innocent relative.


(If you look more closely (Twins!))

Boldtusk mentored Gunnar.

Oberon ( before his death ) mentored Boldtusk.

Explaining the similar equipment choices.

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I would have so much fun with this!

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