[Suggestion] Rogue for Kiril's costume

[Suggestion] Rogue for Kiril’s costume

He certainly has a roguish charm, it fits the character.

And it’s a great skill, much better than the wizard jinx (which I’ve already had a winge about this evening).

I’m all for Kiril the Rogue.

How about in a kilt? Swap his axe for a broadsword and basket-hilt like a highlander.

Some amalgamation of these


Kiril, Rogue Poisoner

Cursed Brew
All enemies get -30% Defense for 3 turns.
All enemies get -30% Attack for 3 turns.
Enemies take 333 poison damage over 3 turns.

Mwhahahaha! That’s too good.


I hope he doesn’t get the heal-over-time treatment we’re seeing on other healers. I’d like to see his ability switched to offensive. That would make the costume even more valuable.

I would like to see a spring break Kiril. Beer keg, Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts and flip flops.


The point is a healer on the trial of survival (rogue/barbarian) right?

So the idea is Kiril as a rogue AND a healer…

And all allies gain 612 HP over 3 turns.

Or something like make the allies imune to status ailments

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