[Suggestion] Raid rewards 2018


[Suggestion] Raid Rewards 2018

-Not enough ways to get ascension materials
-Not enough ways to get ingredients
-Large incentive to manipulate your trophies (Elo rating) for better food
-Small incentive to raid for iron
-No incentive to field a strong defense team unless made to by your alliance

Potential problems from PVP in other F2P MMOs
-Best ascension, and leveling, rewards go to PvP top 100, but to get to top 100 you must already have full 5* 4.80 hero team so those in top 100 angry about hoards of useless rewards and those lower also angry can’t get rewards they need

-PvP at maximum trophies for your hero team make people angry (My wife Gryphonkit constantly curses at raids)
-a) the best rewards are at max trophies so losing a single trophies hurts,

-b) Elo rating assumes a normal bell curves on winning and losing so
-b1) long win streaks cause huge correction down (more opponents below your current trophies so Elo math expects you to easily defeat them, but no team in Empires is undefeatible) and
-b2) long lose streaks cause small corrections up (less opponents below your current trophies so Elo math expect you can defeat most opponents, even when you cannot).

Problems avoided by Empires (Not broke so do not fix)
-Live PvP. Don’t do it. Just don’t. I will give 20 iron, not 20k, just 20, to whoever can name the most numbeer of reasons this always fails for a smartphone, F2P MMO.
-Zero rewards unless you defeat the entire defending team. Empires has each defeated hero count towards your Wanted: Heroes and Wanted: Element missions both of which reward ascension items, ingredients and food.

Suggested solutions
To solve the raid for iron problem, add more uses for iron that don’t require ingredients. I like extra low cost recruit training (RT11) because it lets me store recruits and turn them into 1* to level my heroes and 2* to level my 8/8 heroes without needing ascension materials like back packs or swords.

Brainstorm suggestions
X iron can be traded in for 1 world energy, Y for 1 raid energy, Z for 1 alliance energy. Example: maybe 50k iron for 1 world energy, 250k iron for 1 raid energy and 500k iron for 1 alliance energy.
X iron can be traded to reduce building time by 60 minutes.
X iron can be traded for a random battle item. The forge version of a training camp or epic summons.
All of the above.

The solution for fielding a strong defense team is to reward each defensive win.

Brainstorm suggestions
1- 3 gems for each hero your defense team defeats, maximum of 15 gems.
5k- 25k food for each hero your defense team defeats, maximum of 125k food.
1- 3 random battle item for each hero your defense team defeats, maximum of 15 items.
All of the above.

The solution for manipulating your trophies (Elo rating) for better food,
since Wanted: Heroes mission already rewards ascension materials, ingredients and food,
for every 200 trophies, increase the Wanted: Heroes mission rewards by +100%, maximum of +1000% at 2000 trophies,
for staying at 2001+ trophies for 7 days, reward an epic summons token, two 3*- 4* ascension items and five 3*- 4* ingredients.

Having rewards increase for trophies above 200 but max out at 2000 helps with the anger of PvP. You are still encouraged to try your best, and try to break 2000, but losing 50 trophies is not as devastating as it could be. By using the Wanted: Heroes mission as a base, players are already familiar with the loot mechanic and less code needs to be written and tested.

Trophies are very volatile at top ranking and only a small number of players can have trophies above 2000, so that is a natural cut off, but still very very very elite. By giving nice rewards for staying at 2000+ trophies for 7 days, you reward the top 100 players, but 2000+ trophy players can still get ascension materials and epic summons to help them break into the top 100.

Top 100 already includes bragging rights since it is listed in your account profile but an icon next to their name would be cool. Perhaps a trophy with “100” written across it.


Those are interesting suggestions but its better if gems are out if this mechanic:
it could shift the “weak defense team” to “weak attack team” and cheese with revenges to gain a crazy amount of gems. Maybe it could work with a minimum required rating and with team power threshold but it will still be risky.


It seems like you are confusing three terms, raid defense team, attacking using the same raid team you have designated as your defense team and revenge against another player.

You cannot do anything with your designated raid defense team. The AI runs it when people attack. Instead of attacking your AI controlled defense team, players can spend food to roll another AI controlled defense team. I can go 2- 4 weeks with zero players attacking my AI controlled defense team. If the AI does win, all I get are trophies, no food, no iron, no loot.

Gryphonkit, my wife, uses the same team as her defense team as she uses to attack other players when raiding. But when she attacks, she controls it, not the AI. If she wins she gets trophies, food and iron. But if the AI controls the same exact team, and wins, all she gets are trophies, no loot.

My defense team is a totally different team then the raid team I use when attacking.

Revenge is attacking with one of your teams, defense or the other two, after someone has successfully defeated your AI defense team controlled by the AI not controlled by you.

In the above loot suggestions, you could only gain gems when another player attacks your AI controlled raid defense team and fails. Currently if another player attacks your AI controlled raid defense team and fails, you gain trophies, but no loot.

Revenge is the same as player controlled attacking, you gain food and iron from a player’s watchtower, just on a specific player.

So revenge would not be eligible for winning gems. Venan’s Space Miner Wars used this (the AI successfully defending your base earned you a small amount of premium currency) to encourage investing in a tough AI controlled defense.

Awarding some kind of loot for the AI controlled defense team defeating an attacking hero controlled by another player would encourage:

a) sneaky, AI controlled team that look weaker than their listed power,
b) leaving a ton of food in your watchtower to tempt other players to try defeating your AI controlled defense team even though it looks tough
c) powering up heroes that help with a & b.

Remember, players can spend food to skip fighting your AI controlled raid defense team. If they don’t have the food now, they can wait.


Not really, what I was writing is that if rewards will be added to successful defenses the best way to “exploit” raids will be to use the revenge freature to “freely gain stuff”.


I attack a foe, losing on purpose, with a 5 trainer team. Opponent gain 5-15 gems.
Opponent revenge on my strong defense team with his weak attacking team. I gain 5-15 gems.

To repeat every 1 or 2 hours. Maybe not everyone will follow the cheese tattic but just inspecting a player before push attack will make you get the idea: his best hero have X power? Its he at 0 rating? If both the answer are yes you’ll be revenged at 99% chance.

This is what will happen. No chest filling, no trophy hunting and only “defense farming”.


I suggest that the game analyze the level of the constructions of the base and through the system of rewards and missions the player is motivated to update them all the constructions so that for example all the farms, the forges, the training fields etc, are leveled according to the progress of the fortification … plus the possibility of creating a reward for a second builder either by day or by use

Sugiero que el juego analice el nivel de las construcciones de la base y a través del sistema de recompensas y misiones se motive al jugador a actualizarlas todas las construcciones para que por ejemplo todas las granjas, las forjas los campos de entrenamiento etc se vayan nivelado según el progreso de la fortificación…además la posibilidad de crear una recompensa de un segundo constructor así sea por días o por uso