[Suggestion] Purple Easter Bunny, er, Purple dragon summons

[Suggestion] Purple Easter Bunny, er, Purple dragon summons

Pop up mascot

The purple dragon summons pop up offer will use the purple dragon as a mascot.

Perhaps dressed up like the Easter bunny for Springvale and appropriate costume for other occasions.

Roster Duplicates

During a seasonal summons ( like Springvale), if a duplicate is detected ( only in the user’s current roster), the user is offered 1x purple dragon summons for each duplicate.

So 3x Bane would give the option of +3 purple dragon summons.

By requiring duplicates be in the user’s roster, this encourages sales of roster space and keeping at least 1x each hero, no matter how bad the hero is perceived.

Roster space

Like loot drops, purple dragon summons will not be offered if the user’s roster is full.

User will get a warning if they do not have enough space for a purple dragon summons, and will be offered the option to buy more roster space.

This mechanism is to leave value for 10x, or 30x, original summons bundles and allow recursion ( see below) to be capped.


Purple dragon summons requires access to the purple dragon ( 30+ days of VIP PASS ).

If a player tries to use the Purple dragon summons without 30 days left, they will get a warning and an offer to buy more VIP PASS

This encourages VIP PASS sales.

No, nada, zero HotM

Purple dragon summons does not qualify for HotM roll.

Duplicate HotM do not qualify for purple dragon summons.

This warning would be added to HotM, and purple dragon summons.

This preserves the HotM sales.


First purple dragon summons would only apply to seasonal summons, similar to Epic Hero Token.

These development cycles could be slotted in with the Seasonal events v2.0 refresh.

If data mining shows success, step 2 is adding it to Challenge events. The oldest limited time summons.

Step 3, Atlantis summons ( season 2 ),
Step 4, gem summons,
Step 5, training camps.

Stopping at any step if data mining shows unintended consequences.

By rolling out quarterly, then once a month, then twice a month, then anytime, the impact of unintended consequences is limited.

Latest Season

Purple dragon summons would never be added to the latest season ( currently season 3 ) since purple dragon summons is intended for new player catch up, not to replace gem summons.

Even if the latest season ( currently season 3 ) results in summoning a yellow 3* Dawa, no purple dragon summons occurs.

Purple dragon summons is only intended as a catch up.

Batch Summons

For 10x, and 30x, batch summons, user would be offered batches of purple dragon summons to preserve sales of batch summons for HotM.

While batches discount ORIGINAL gem summons, prices of all purple dragon summons would be based on a 1x summons.

A dupe blue 5* Ariel would result in a 280 gem purple dragon summons option, even if part of a 30x bundle.

3x duplicates

If the user’s roster has 3x a hero, any duplicate results in the purple dragon summons being discounted 50%, see table.

This will encourage keeping 3x each hero, no matter how bad.

Gems only

Even if training camps are added to purple dragon summons, all purple dragon summons require gems to preserve 5* hero sales, 4* ascension item sales and future Valor Path sales.

F2P / C2P

This would also encourage logging in at least once per two days for F2P / C2P users since multiple duplicates from Legendary training ( RT20 ) would be batched together ( see above for 10x gem summons) increasing the minimum gem cost of a purple dragon summons.

Gem cost

Purple dragon summons would cost more, the higher the rarity.

Purple dragon summons is designed to help catch up new players, so higher rarity heroes would cost more gems since higher rarity heroes are earned later in the play experience.

While lower rarity heroes become increasingly less useful the more 5* heroes, and HotM, a user has.


Because the summons odds are the same for the original summons, and the purple dragon summons ( minus HotM roll ), most purple dragon summons will result in more 3* heroes.


Any purple dragon summons that results in a duplicate now qualifies for a new purple dragon summons, which requires more gems spending.

Since players need a enough space in their roster for purple dragon summons, a duplicate in their hero roster ( see above), the latest season is excluded ( currently Season 3 ), 5* hero duplicates cost more gems, and purple dragon summons have zero HotM, users will still need to buy original gem summons for latest season, a chance at HotM, and/ or keep in their roster 1x copy of every hero in the game including perceived bad 5* heroes.


Rarity Cost 1x dupe Cost 3x dupe Camp 1x dupe Camp 3x dupe
5* 80% 40% 240 120
4* 50% 25% 150 75
3* 20% 10% 30 15

Rarity= rarity of hero summoned

Cost 1x dupe= price for each purple dragon summons with 1x dupe in roster based on original 1x summons price.

Cost 3x dupe= price for each purple dragon summons with 3x dupe in roster based on original 1x summons price.

280 gems for 1x purple dragon summons option if original summons resulted in a dupe blue 5* Ariel ( 350 gems for 1x Atlantis summons).

Camp 1x dupe= price for each purple dragon summons with 1x dupe in roster and Legendary training.

Camp 3x dupe= price for each purple dragon summons with 3x dupe in roster and Legendary training.

240 gems for 1x purple dragon summons option if original Legendary training ( RT20) resulted in a dupe blue 5* Thorne.


Summon pool

Purple dragon summons would use the same summons pool as the original summons.

Springvale during Springvale, Guardians during Guardian, Atlantis during Atlantis, etc.


This idea is based off Buy One Get One economic theory

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