[Suggestion] Practice War

[Suggestion] Practice War

==Practice War==

Players keep asking for more War energy. This is impractical. But maybe practice war?

I would prefer if practice wars required 1 raid energy per attack but from a casino business point of view, monetize everything, so maybe a new energy that can be used for raid practice or war practice.

Two alliance leaders can start a practice war at any time. It ends in 24 hours or the start of the next live war.

Revive timer is 60 minutes+ 30 minutes each revive.

Attacking costs 1 practice energy ( or preferably 1 raid energy ).

Players get two war scores, the total of their first six attacks and their total for the war. Alliances get two war scores, the total of the players’ first score and the total of the players’ second score.

==Business advantage==

If practice wars are as successful as I hope, practice wars could be data mined for several ongoing Developer projects.

Practice wars could be testing grounds for adjustments to war score.

Like the idea.


Sounds good. I would personally prefer a new energy since using raid energy would give up our resources and chests unless the practice wars are rewarding but then they aren’t really “practice” at that point

I suggested raid energy because so many people I know don’t raid or only raid to fill a Wanted hero mission chest so all raid energy, or at least 12 hours of raid energy, goes to waste. I have 58 x raid flasks in my inventory and some of my friends don’t even try to finish quests that reward raid flasks.

Perhaps you get 6 free attacks, and then can use raid energy for additional practice attacks.

Whichever works best for the majority or all is fine with me. I just threw in my point of view since i enjoy raiding more than farming and I use raid flags as soon as i can whether i have a chest or not. But I’m 1 person.


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