[Suggestion] Personal hero nicknames, search, and recent filter for hero roster

[Suggestion] Personal hero nicknames, search, and recent filter for hero roster

Allow players to set a personal nickname for their heroes. This nickname is only visible to the owner. All other users see the default name.

I name my first Grimm “Max”, my second Grimm “^leveling” and my third Grimm “War backup”. Whenever I view these heroes, I see the personal nicknames. However, if I ever use them for a defense team, anyone else viewing the defense team sees the default name of “Grimm”.

Add a search bar for leveling and team building. Allow searches by personal nicknames, default name, mana speed, stars, color, current tier, power+, attack+, defense+, HP+

Search for all heroes with a personal nickname “^leveling”
Search for all 4* blue heroes that are currently tier 3+
Search for all heroes with 400+ attack stat and 500+ defense stat

Add a recent filter for the hero roster. When leveling I can use this to sort from most recent ( just claimed from training camp ) to least recent ( my original Grimm ). When building a war attack team, my most recent Kelile will come up first, while my fourth Kelile will be at the bottom of the list.

After dropping $100 USD not getting HotM Delilah ( and not getting a second Rigard and not getting a second Boldtusk), I now have a nice problem, I have 3 Tyrum, 3 Grimm, 3 Melendor, 4 Kelile. I am also saving at least one of each 3* heroes until challenge events reflect green and reflect red are rolled out. So I have a ton of heros ( 96 ) and a ton of hero roster slots ( 145 ).

But this is making it very hard to level heroes and put together teams during war. Personal nicknames would help a lot with this problem.

Pokemon GO had an infamous incident involving the Secret Service and the White House Gym ( think war defense team ) . It is very important that any other player looking at a Grimm sees the name “Grimm” and not “Misogynistic Racist Political Trolling”. There are already problems with player names, alliance names and alliance descriptions. By keeping the nicknames limited to the player, this prevents those abuses.

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