[Suggestion, Passes, Gems] Castle Pets or subscriptions

[Suggestion, Passes, Gems] Castle Pets or subscriptions

==Background ==

My two favorite parts of VIP Pass are the rationed gems and the rationed loot tickets.

It is like a computer enforced budget for family members and people using iTunes / Google Play gift cards

==More pets==

For same price as VIP Pass add new pets that drop the same amount in gems & loot tickets but replace The 2nd builder & x2 daily summons with:

Ent ( tree folk ) : Drops food

Gryphon: Drops recruits

Troll: Drops iron ( Devs have said future plans for iron)

All pets would have monthly & annual options. Players could have all, any or no pets active at the same time.


Ent + Gryphon would get you 6 tickets, 60 Gems, X food and Y recruits per day.

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