[Suggestion] Overhaul of core heroes' system

Good evening,
these are some ideas that could improve the game’s enjoyment for players.

The aim of these changes is to give more freedom of choices to players and to avoid them to delay their core heroes’ growth, increasing their developement’s speed and overall competitiveness.

These suggestions are aimed towards every rarity tier of core heroes.

1st suggestion - once a core hero has breakthrough his last ascension every copy of said hero wouldn’t require ascensions materials to do the same.

Aim: to let players ascend more copies of their core heroes without incurring into bottlenecks.

2nd suggestion - once a core hero has reached his maximum level he would gain the chance to further ascend by requiring a clone of himself as material, unlocking his costume’s feature.

Aim: to let duplicate core heroes empower themselves.

3rd suggestion - multiple copies of the same hero would only take up one slot of hero’s capacity.

Aim: to give the chance to players to grow all of their core heroes without incurring into the lack of hero capacity slots.

  • FraVit93

@FraVit93 costume creation using duplicate is a cool idea) I want this))
But not only for 5*, but for 4* too)

And for 3* too! These are suggestions for every kind of rarity tier :slight_smile:

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@FraVit93 I think until hero academy in its final iteration is released, we will all be sitting on our massive collection of 5* season 1 dupes holding out for the chance of them being worth something :smiley:

there was another thread talking about discounting the amount of AM needed for what are clearly obsolete 5* heroes (some even when costumed), I thought that was a good idea. I would consider maxing horghall if he needed only half the am.

In another three I was proposing a tailor shop where we could create a heroe’s costume from their duplicate. Looks pretty similar to me.


I proposed it in various threads too) Because It will be a good addition for f2p/c2p. For p2w we can make costume creation time of 2 weeks, so anyone will get only 2 costumes per month from this building. Not more. And if want more - please, summon.

Pulling a dupe 5* is the worst feeling. It is so close to something exciting… but no :sob:

@DBC I tought you could have been interested into discussing my idea :slight_smile:

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