[Suggestion] New raid tournament format including better matchmaking

Hello everyone!

I’ve enjoyed playing tournaments competitatively for more than three years now. I’ve been thinking a while how to improve the format, to make it more fair and fun.

To be honest there are some flaws in the matchmaking and scoring, which make the tournament outcome too random and unfair. I list some of the flaws below, and then my suggestion of a new format, better suited for competition but also really fine for those who just want to enjoy the tournament more playfully. This will be a rather long post but hopefully worthwhile reading (and reacting to). Thanks for your time!

Flaws of the current format:

Some defense teams get hundreds of matches and some get almost none. Both situations are bad. You want to see a good number of matches for your defense team, so that the defense score reflects how good your defense really is. Having 0-1 or 0-0 the first day and then a solid A-rating for the rest of the week is no fun, especially if you succeed in your attacks. Bad luck ruins a good tournament ranking.

On the other hand if you get hundreds of matches it can be extremely difficult to get an A-grade (depending on format - buff booster is particularly difficult for the defense). In some tournaments there are no maxed out defense teams in the top of the rankings because of this flaw.

As for the offense I would like the attackers to be matched up with defense teams more closely matched to their own skill level. It is not uncommon to meet teams of healers in bloody battle day 5 on a 20-match win streak (just as an example).

As a consequence of the current format, the top of the leaderboard is often filled with players with a perfect tournament run. They are typically separated by only a few points. The differences arise because of how points are awarded for winning matches, a system which is not very transparent. Though, it seems that points awarded for a win is slightly random and can vary up and down by a point or two. In the end, luck plays a part in deciding who gets the tournament win.

I would like to see a tournament format where the winners are decided more by their own performance. Which brings me to…

Suggestion of a new format:

I want to be constructive in my critique and therefore want to share my thoughts on a better tournament format. This is just a sketch and some details are left out but hopefully it will serve to give you a good idea of what it will be like.

First of all, every player will have a hidden tournament rating based on results from previous tournaments. The rating will be separate for 3-star, 4-star and 5-star tournaments.

When the sign-up phase of a new tournament has ended, all participating players are divided into pools based on their hidden tournament rating. Every pool has a fixed number of players, I suggest 26 for reasons that I hope will become clear. Players with the top 26 ratings go into the highest ranked pool and so forth. This means all pools contain players of roughly the same skill level and get to play each other.

Every player gets to play 25 matches, one match against all the other players in the same pool, according to a predefined schedule, five matches each day. In this way every player also gets 25 matches for their defense team.

The tournament score for the ongoing tournament is based on the results for the attacks and defenses. (Exactly how the tournament score is calculated can be up for debate but it is probably not a difficult one to solve. Every successful attack should give a fixed amount of points, and points for defense should be based on the percentage of successful defenses overall and probably not scored every day).

Loot for each player could be awarded based on the current tournament score, and also the ranking of the pools. Playing in a high ranked pool gives better loot.

After the tournament has ended, the hidden tournament rating is updated based on the result of the tournament. If you are successful you will climb the ranks and meet tougher opponents next time.

The leaderboard is one issue with the new system, since it will be more complicated to define which are the top 100 players. One way is to list the leaders of the top 100 pools. Another way is to list the standings of the top ranked pools, simply stacking them on top of each other.

I think this new format will make tournaments more fair and fun. Players across all levels will compete for glory trying to win their pool of evenly matched opponents. One big driving force for many will be to climb the ladder as far as possible. The top ranked pools will see some fierce competition.