SUGGESTION: New Elimination Tornament

Here is an idea for a new tornament based on live tornament concepts like tennis, poker chess etc.

For now I’ll call it the ELIMINATION TORNAMENT

Hiw it works is you only get 1 battle and if you lose your out, if you win you take on the next battle. This goes on till only 1 player remains. Yes the unfortunate first round loses don’t get to battle but this will go towards whether you think your good enough to participate to start with which also helps thin out the numbers.

Yes this is not going to be a 2 or 3 day torni for sure but lasts till only 1 remains. Torni goes for as long it takes depending on how many participate.

How it works is;
Firstly you need to accept to partake in the torni.

1 defense team only which gets locked in. You enter the Tornament and get raided, that opponent becomes your attacking team.
You lose your out so you don’t get to attack your opponent. So the trick here is to setup an awesome defense team.

To kick the torni off matching can be done using TP at a 500 point difference either way.

Open to every hero as it’s an elimination game so you choose which heros you use.

Rewards could be something like daily token for first 50% that win, nothing for the loser.
Round 2 (2nd battle) same reward plus maybe a crafting item, again nothing for the loser.
3rd round ( battle) little better rewards and again nothing for the loser.

Bottom line is loser gets nothing and winners rewards improve with each win.

The number one overall winner gets an awesome reward.

What do you think? Remembering this is a 1 on 1 per round.

NOTES; torni would become more about skill as staying alive is the one and only goal here.
Empire and puzzles could have an ultimate player trophy including some 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement trophies which gets attached to your Avatar so others can see it.

Add a new leaderboard reflecting the last 100 as well.

So, if I get this straight you get to attack the same person that attacked you?
But if you lose your out so 2 matched against each other could both be out of the game or stay in.

Or would you have some calculation like both lost, first look who had defeated the most opponents, same again, lets look to the overall percentage of health left at both ends.

Same deal with both winning so even though you won but only had one hero standing you could still be out of the tournament.

If you do it like that I guess 3 tiers, epic, rate and legendary.

Anyway love the idea of an elimination battle.
But one on one would take a long time.

Possibly first round groups of eight you have 24 hours to battle all 7 and the best result goes through to the next round. Then groups of four for some days until at some point you go for the one on one approach.

As this would be a lengthy event once or twice a year

No not both out.
There is 2 ways I see that can be done.

  1. all loses of the first round can rematch each other so they get a chance do at least 1 battle .

  2. my orginal idea is once your out that’s it and the winner gets matched with another opponent which has also won a battle.

So after the first battle it is just winner against winner and loses get eliminated. Otherwise there is no end.

Yes exactly.

So, if I am matched against someone, and they attack me first, and they stack against my tank and beat me, I’m out without a chance to attack the opponent?

I say, each player gets a chance to attack and then if both win then you go by number of heroes left, life left, and then the time it takes to defeat the enemy.

Or, you could have a blind match-up, in other words, you don’t get to see the defense team that you are facing until you are matched against them; this will ensure that opponents can’t stack against each other and have to play rainbow.

I like the idea of having a Grouping stage of 8 players that you have to play in 24 hours. If it is a 1 year tourney beginning in January, you could theoretically have the top 2 move on to the next round in a couple days, and fight the next grouping of 8 until it is all whittled down to one on one match-ups.

Tournament days could be like Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday or at least three days a week.

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