Suggestion: Make the game easier for new people

Hello everyone,

just started E&P and checked almost all videos and guides out there. My conclusion: It is almost impossible as a new player to compete or reach the top tier players. Well it does make sense, since most people played for several months, but if you think about it, a game does not only live from old players, it needs new people. But when I need several months to even reach lvl 20 and then start to think about 5* Heroes lvl 20 Trainingsgrounds it seems ridiculous. (Not to mention all the ascension items which are needed)

Wouldn’t it make sense, to at least give total new players, double the amout of flags to fight and only half the time of construction cost’s? Maybe double the iron and food loot (not the items!) to have a chance @ catching up? They still need to farm ascension items and can buy, flasks, gems, heroes or whatever.

But the way it is right know, I guarantee you won’t reach many news players, which is kind of sad :frowning: Since I think this game could have so much potential for a higher and a bigger community.

Just have a look on other games like:
WoW: You can start at a higher or MAX Level

Im sure there would be a nice solution out there for new starters.

ps: If you want to reach anything in the game you need VIP. Isn’t that more then enough for starter players? Which of the new players want to invest each month for VIP just to think, oh well after half a year, Im still not even close to anything? I really dont understand the philosophy behind it.

Is it rly enough for small giant, that a fixed old fanbase buys and that’s it?

There are probably many threads like mine, but I feel like, we as a community are the ones playing and we should have a common interest and we do have much more power then we think.
Let’s discuss and make it visible for everyone.

Just one more thing. Alliances struggle big time, to recruit new people and keep the fun up. Well why is that? Mhh I have to wait several months for new players to grow… The math does not work…

And this game is not build to be casual and make fun (What Im trying to say is, the game starts to make fun, when you can switch ur teams for wars and titans, when you can finally start to be strategic with ur defence etc. New players never reach that state and they cant progress on story mode, at least not rly far and stop playing , since they get frustrated…). So there is no need to talk about casuals. I think this new Class Heroes Update would have been perfect, to catch new players and give them some way’s to catch up faster. Just a beginners offer for some gems for money doesnt cut it at all…

Another suggestion:
Since the % sheet for hero pulls got published many players decided to not invest a single dime, which is understandable. You could invest 100 € and still dont have any 5* which is so greedy! I get that you should not be able to pay 200 € and got them all, but at least higher the chance from 1,5 % to 3? Or at least give a 0,5 % chance for regular summons to be 4* and a 0,1 to be a 5* ? Give players some hope and a reason to stay… Cant be that hard, right?


I wouldn’t be opposed at new players getting a 1 or 2 month boost. Either free vip or some other bonus.

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Game is a long term grind, it’s how it was for everyone regardless of when they started playing. If you put the time in and get a bit lucky with hero pulls you will get more powerful. The biggest difference is whether you pay to win or not. I’m fully free to play and accept I will never be challenging the top tier players but that’s fine. There people who spend thousands on the game which seems crazy to me but that’s their choice.

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Most frustrating thing is a maxed hero which does not have its full special power.
I would like to see that last ascension will max special.
Its at last hard enough to get all the materials.

The 2nd builder in VIP is huge. And the 900 gems a month. Best deal for a great game. I did a 2nd account when that came out and he got up to speed very quickly. I think he was training his tc20 around level 30, just 4 or 5 months after starting him if I remember right. That’s not bad at all. Now, 10 months later, he has 4 5* and 2 he is working on, with enough depth in 3 and 4 stars to have 6 war teams.

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Did you see this in the v18 release notes. It isn’t exactly what you asked for, but it is a huge step forward for people with a “stuck” hero:

  • If a hero is fully leveled up but their Special Skill is not, the chances for Special Skill level up are quintupled.

NO. You mention WOW? You know all the long time players hate how the game has been gutted to pander to new players? E&P banks on their long time players spending money. I don’t think you want to screw them over.

E&P is a grind, deal with it. Find an alliance with friendly players, makes it more fun.

Just one more thing. Alliances struggle big time, to recruit new people and keep the fun up. Well why is that? Mhh I have to wait several months for new players to grow… The math does not work…

Alliances struggle because many players don’t want to log in several times a day and stay active, full stop. Most players that download mobile idle games are casual players. This is why there’s trophy minimums for alliances, so you can ensure you have players who have played enough to prove they are active.