Suggestion: Increasing Returns on Pulls

Hello, it’s the first time I Create a topic here even though I’ve been playing since January. I’d like to give a suggestion regarding the chances on pulls.
Right now there is a fixed chance for 3*, 4* and 5* regardless of the amount of pulls you do.

My suggestion is that the game starts recording the pulls that a player does and increases the chances everytime a player does not get one of the types.

In my system, everytime you do a pull and it’s not a 4* the chance to get a 4* on your next pull should increase by 1%. It resets back to the original chance once you get a 4*.
Same applies for the other rarities, every pull that does not award a 5* should increase the chance of getting a 5* by 0,5%.
Every pull that does not award an extra draw (HoTM) should also increase the chance by 0,5%.

The same applies to 3*, once you get a pull that is not a 3* the chance for a 3* on your next pull should increase by 2%.

Chances revert back to their original percentages once you get a hero of said rarity…

This way I think people would still be buying gems and summoning a lot but they wouldn’t be so frustrated on the long run (doing over 70 pulls in September and not getting a Khiona was pretty frustrating, but, it happens)

Well, that’s just my 2 cents, hope it is appreciated/considered by you guys

Best regards

You had chosen “Diminisginh” in your thread title but then describe increasing the odds. I have edited your thread title to reflect your idea.

On to the substance: wouldn’t this make the game more P2W? Especially when you consider that SGG might decrease base odds to keep the overall drop rate unchanged?


Kerridoc, the term “Diminishing Returns” by definition means “diminishing returns is the decrease in the marginal (incremental) output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is incrementally increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant”

So I really think my original title covers the idea of my post, but I’m fine with the title change.

On to the topic let me use my Khiona example.

I did over 70 pulls trying to get her, at that point I knew that if I bought more gems and kept on trying I still had the same 1.3% per pull. The way I suggested I would have roughly 36% in the first o pull (increasing every pull) so I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT more gems an kept in trying (the sheer increase in chances would have kept me going)…

Is it gonna make the game more P2W? Not sure, but it is for sure gonna make it less random and will make it seem more rewarding.

Well strictly speaking, the returns under the current design are unchanging: each pull has the same odds as the previous. The expected marginal rate of output is the same per gem invested. There is not a diminishing rate of return, only a flat rate. Your design was suggesting that there be an increasing rate of return, which is something that others, including myself, have suggested.

(I’m a professional economist, FWIW, so this is lingo that we share.)

I definitely would like to see a little less randomness in the game. Today you get tokens randomly to make random pulls of heroes that you need random-drop ascension mats to progress to play in a randomly generated board.


I have a similar suggestion without diluting of what you said.
So right now, in Epic heroes summon, there are 1.5% chances you get an epic hero.
The chances should increase based on how many pulls you do in the last 30 days.
1 pull = 0.5%
2 pulls = 0.5%
3 pulls = 0.5%
4 pulls = 0.5%
5 pulls = 1.0%
6 pulls = 1.0%
7 pulls = 1.0%
8 pulls = 1.0%
9 pulls = 1.0%
10 pulls = 1.5%
20 pulls = 2.0%
30 pulls = 3.5%
40 pulls = 4.0%
and so on

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I’ve been playing this game for almost a year and a half, and I have never once made even remotely close to 40 pulls in a 30 day window. The most ever is probably 15ish. That suggestion would make it even more ridiculously frustrating for c2p players to get 5 stars it wouldn’t even be worth the effort.

The most ever is probably 15ish.

10 to 15 pulls = 1.5%
That will not change anything for you.

Hmm, no. It means that the 15th pull will be about equal, but the earlier pulls will have worse odds.

yes, that will encourage you to spend more (wow, what a novelty) but will reward big time spenders

I know I’ve posted many times about this, but I also agree that there needs to be something done that decreases the randomness, especially for those that have been playing awhile and have accumulated lots of heroes. If done correctly, I know it can be a win-win for the player/developer.

Things I think need to be considered to help reduce randomness:

dynamic percentages when pulling.

As suggested above, the more you play and/or pull during a certain timeframe, percentage chances slightly increase for 4* and 5* heroes.

“Hero de-selectors” selected by players for those special heroes during Challenge Events and Atlantis summons.

Here, players can deselect which special (limited) heroes are included in the pull pool. By default, if a player has none of the event heroes, a player can’t deselect any. If a player already has Guinevere and Morgan during the Knights Event, a player has a choice to deselect Guin and Morgan and remove them from the pool. If that player wants duplicates, they don’t select.

By default, if there’s a 1.3% to pull an event hero, and if all heroes are treated equally, then I have approximately a 0.4% in getting Arthur. Even though I really want Arthur, this small percentage doesn’t make it worth participating in the event to try to get him (when that’s all I want). What I described above would help motivate me in participating again.

A personal example is the last Atlantis summon. I want Mok-Arr, but don’t need Ares, Alberich, Tarlak, HOTM, etc. The motivation to participate in Atlantis can be very little, since my chances are small to get this new hero.

Some thoughts.

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Definitely not.
It is against the business behind the game.
What I am saying here it is to reward big bucks spenders not long time players - that doesn’t do anything to the business - my son is playing since october 2017 and he didn’t spend a buck on it - why he had a better chance than you that spent $300 this month?
You pull 40 times in 30 days, your chances increase a bit.
Also, for VIP players, just add a 0.1%

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I really like this idea, taking both parts as a whole. The if is important. If there are three event 5* and everyone wants just one of them (e.g. Guinevere), then someone shouldn’t just be able to say “only Guin, please”. But once I’ve gotten Arthur and Morgan, then I can say “no dupes, please”.

The risk of dupes sharply decreases my interest in doing more pulls. I was interested in Mok-Arr, but I had the other special 5* heroes so I didn’t do any pulls last month.

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My suggestion is not tied to a 30day time window (or any time window for that matter) it simply says that the system will record your chances per type of hero (3*, 4*, 5*, hotm) and will slowly increase each one of them everything you get one from the other type. It resets for each type individualy whenever you get a hero from that specific type.

So if I have the whole plethora of heroes except Guinevere that means my pull will be full of Guineveres? It’s not gonna happen. Random must be random. It keeps the game alive (from the business standpoint).


You’d still have the same percentage value (is it 1.3%?) of getting Guinevere if you already have Morgan, and Arthur.


Exactly. If in an Avalon Event summons, you’d get Guinevere if and only if you met all these conditions:

  1. You roll the magic 1.0% for an event 5*
  2. You have both Morgan and Arthur
  3. You’ve checked the “no dupe 5*” option

This option could be just for events, or it could extend more broadly. If I can’t get Athena I’d happily ascend Isarnia, but my willingness to do Elemental Summons is pretty low considering that I have duplicate Magni, Thorne and Richard already. If I could say “If I win a 5*, make it Isarnia” then I’d be more interested.

Even if the option wasn’t a complete exclusion of dupes, but was “avoid dupes”, that would help. For example, if you’ve checked Avoid Dupes, then if you get a dupe the system rolls for which 5* to give you one more time and gives you that one. So instead of a guaranteed Guinevere on the 1% chance of getting an Event 5*, you’d have a 55.55% (5/9 = 1-(⅔)^2) chance of getting her.


11 i tried. This was my pull today

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The way I suggested a situation like this would still be possible, but a little less likely… Your eleventh pull would have an extra 10% chance of giving you a 4* and extra 5% of giving a 5* and a hotm…

Does that ensure a reward? No.
Does that make you more proving to summoning more? Yes.
Does it make the rewarding seem more progressive and less random? Yes.

I’m sooooo irritated with this game right now. I watch as everyone around me talks about getting great heroes from summons gate and their TC 20. I’ve been told and have read on here get your TC 20 up and bust your butt complete all events. I have leveled to a level 37 in 5 months have had 2- TCs for a month now. I have completed all events. Can’t get heroes to be competitive. I’ve unfortunately and really don’t want to say this but have spent $300 on this POS game. I’m addicted to the game. Don’t want to quit. Most likely won’t. Been waiting on ascension items for the awesome heroes I do have for months. What is wrong with you developers. Money grubbing tards. Make it fair. I have never recieved a HOTM either yet see level 20 players with 3 or 4 in their defences. I’m sick of this crap.

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I couldn’t agree with you more I’ve been also a buttload of money and I don’t have any Heroes to show for it I don’t think it is fair and I really wish something would be different

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