[Suggestion] Halt War roll out, modify Season 2

[Suggestion] Halt War roll out, modify Season 2

Gryphonkit, my wife, just quit alliance wars. I am not sure how to fix it, I will make a suggestion below, but she graduated at the top of her class with a dual MBA and JD and if she says this is bad for business, I believe her.

  1. stop the roll out of Alliance wars. When my other MMO “BoH” had a similar problem with the revenge bar ( onslaught ), it took them TWO years to fix player PERCEPTION. Not only did they lose a bunch of players due to the hate of the revenge bar, but those who loved it built up a huge number of 4* ascension items ( flux and essence ) that the rest of the players could never catch up even though they are currently at 7* heroes ( guardian valor ).

  2. Add new optional revenge bar content.

Roll out the first 20% of Season 2.

Example if Season 2 contains 20 provinces, roll out the first 4.

Add a new “bonus boss” stage that is to the side of the season path.

Example if Province 4- Windermer Deadlands had a bonus stage “6B” it would be located next to stage “6” that would be renamed “6A”. You would still fight the Vile Necromancer, but now the boss wave would also have a revenge bar. Since it is to the side, you would not have to complete “6B”, with the revenge bar, to advance, just “6A” without the revenge bar.

  1. Incentives for completing optional revenge bar content.

Just like the original Wu Kong had -40% accuracy ( on top of Joon’s -40% accuracy that hurt ) but the x1.71 average damage increase could not convince players to use him, so the Devs had to increase his average damage to x1.938 ( almost double damage ). You have to give the players a reason to level tanks and practice 3 or 4 color teams ( maybe add more levels that are all a single color ).

If the devs go with the season 2 bonus stages containing a revenge bar to practice on, these bonus stages might drop double loot, or have chance to drop an mini- energy flask ( 8% chance 3 world energy flask, 4% chance 1 raid energy flask, 2% chance 1 alliance energy flask ).


I like the idea of adding revenge bar and better loot to certain provinces in Season 2! (And a swift rollout of new content is always nice!)

But I also want the Alliance War Experiment (which this roll out currently is) to continue to hammer out some of the kinks. (matching, bugs, rewards etc)

Because AW is a new feature, it is raw, but its also quite fun if you/your alliance go at it with a chill attitude. You can loose the occational Titan fight, raid, event and Alliance War without it mattering in the great scheme of things.

And if it creates a devide within the alliance, resulting in a breakup and some member more movement, is that a bad thing? It keeps the game organic :slight_smile:


My wife just threw her NEW $900 phone across the room. If it comes to my wife or Empires, kiss her $50 Birthday present in gems goodbye, because we are taking our money elsewhere.

Not disputing yours or her reaction, although it does seem a little rash.
And choosing your wife above the game also seems perfectly reasonable.

I would however like to point out that all games suffer from baby-illnesses like this with an adjusting period. Especially one like this with such a limited Beta program.

Hope you and her feel better soon!
Wine and chocolate usually helps.
Or a punching bag.


If someone doesn’t like AW, just don’t set a defense team and proceed as though the war isn’t happening. There are no practical implications for not fighting–rewards are slim enough that, unless you enjoy the wars, skipping seems fine. If your alliance pushes you to fight, find a friendly alliance that doesn’t.

For many of us, Wars has reinvigorated the game and brought life back to some sleepy alliances. It’s made us reconsider strategies and look at heroes deeper in our deck. To my mind, this is all very positive for the game.

The revenge bar was just downtweaked; perhaps it will be downtweaked further still. Stopping development won’t help.

Oh, and I think you have WAY inflated views about Season 2. If it’s basically Season 1 but somewhat harder, it will provide a few dozen hours of entertainment and then become like Season 1–a static, uninteresting piece of content that’s useful for farming but not entertainment.

The great thing about wars is the content is never the same twice, presenting new challenges without requiring developers to come up with prefaced content.