[Suggestion] Give us iron! Challenge event rewards

[Suggestion] Give us iron! Challenge event rewards

Add iron to Challenge event rewards. And food.

I understand it will have to be balanced with the low world energy cost of the new version. But we get recruits and player XP.

AR is being nerfed.

duration for Atlantis Rises Event has changed. It will now last 3 days instead of 4

Rare chests do not have iron

More and more iron uses in the game. I used some on my 1* / 2* tourneys team. Never enough for Harpoon, Titanium shield and Panacea.

But Season 2, and Advanced buildings, are not keeping up with the increased needs.

Now I know how people lucky enough to level 5* heroes, and 4* troops, feel about food. But I am all about the iron.

cutting AR by 25% really messed up many calculations (speaking of my self and some of my close friends who play the game)
building and items cost ALOT of raw resources now and gathering them are getting much harder
even gather food quests are useless regarding the amount of WE spent to food collected

I definitely need more iron. I see people regularly complaining about not enough ham, but I have plenty of ham. Never enough iron.

I feel bad because I want to make harpoons for the titans, but all of my iron is being used for construction. :confused:


5* heroes and 4* troops


Yes of course, those are expensive. My 5* heroes are still waiting on 4* AMs and my 4* troops eat every troop I get as soon as I get them. My farms are all level 20+ so they pump out food faster than I can use it. Would certainly be a different story if I had enough of the other items I needed to finish my troops and heroes though. Every player has their own individual struggle based on the heroes, troops, mats, etc. in their inventories. I’d gladly trade excess food for iron, or extra D. blades or gloves for things like scopes or tabards.


Problem solved… I just play less.
The downside is the less I play the less interest I have in the game.

But even if I take a week off from the game, I come back and my buildings still aren’t done upgrading :laughing::laughing::laughing:


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