[Suggestion] Give Advanced buildings the ability to produce while upgrading

[Suggestion] Give Advanced buildings the ability to produce while upgrading

Watchtowers always produce, even while upgrading. But there are no Advanced Watchtower.

With regular mines, and farms, when you upgrade a Stronghold you can upgrade all 4 mines +1 level and all 9 farms +1 level spreading out the loss of production and keeping your builders busy.

But there are a limited amount of Advanced mines, and Advanced farms, in the game so you are forced to keep upgrading 1 Advanced mine, or 1 Advanced farm. This causes huge chunks of lost productivity.

With Advanced House, we already see a building with a new meta game.

To compensate for lack of Advanced Watchtower and simply leveling regular mines, and farms, to level 25, give all Advanced Buildings the ability to produce while upgrading.

Unlike regular mines, Advanced mines would produce iron while upgrading.

Encourages Leveling

This would actually encourage leveling at least 1 regular farm, and 1 regular mine, to Level 20 to take advantage of Advanced buildings ability to be used while upgrading.

Lodge and Barracks

While upgrading 1 of 4 Forges, you can use the other 3 to produce Battle items.

With Stronghold 21, to 25, Harpoons, Titanium shield, Panacea, 4* / 5* hero class nodes, there is already an iron bottle neck and resource juggling.

Just like Watchtower can still revenge while under construction, and Forges can produce Battle items while 1/4 are upgrading, allow Advanced buildings Lodge and Barracks to keep working while under construction.


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This. I doubt i will ever start upgrading advanced mines or farms beyond level 1 as long as i need either food or iron. The waiting time and lost productivity are just not worth the miniscule increase.

Productivity while building would be another matter entirely

If you ever want to level your Advanced Hunter’s Lodge beyond level 1 you have no choice but to level the Advanced Mine first. You are 1k short.

Which means if you want to use any of the titan parts being dropped you have about a 6 day waiting period to do so.

It seems to me that this was their way of slowing down the game in order to give the developers time to work on Season 3, just a thought.


You might be correct since they halted Stronghold at Level 21.

I would really like them to also release Stronghold 22-25. I would like to level all my Advanced mines, and Advanced iron storage, +1 at a time instead of looking at “More Advanced Iron Storage coming soon”.

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You don’t need advanced MINES to upgrade further, you need advanced STORAGE. Upgrading mines and farms is a lost investment, there is no reason to do it. Upgrade your storages to Max and leave the producers to produce.

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