Suggestion for war screen to show points

Not sure if this has been suggested before but it seems it would be a super easy thing to implement.

In the main war screen surely we can have the points that each team is worth displayed without the need to click on every team.

Should be super easy to do and is a huge improvement IMO.

Oh wow such an easy QOL fix I hadn’t thought of before. I support it.


While we are at it, please show the remaining flags for each user (without needing to select them all individually).


Agree with this as well!

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Voted for this as well. Didn’t know I have so many votes now :smile:

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Voted (apparently only have one vote left now) not sure how easy it would be to keep autoupdating each time for clean up hits etc but if it could even show number of points at full that’d be helpful.

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Great idea! Love this and hope they will consider it.

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