Suggestion for player level rewards

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but I didn’t find anything with a search…
I recently leveled up but because of where my energy levels were I received 4 world energy for leveling. I have never even been close on my hero level or team cost so those advantages did nothing for me.
I was wondering if the Devs might consider rewarding energy potions instead of just refills.
I know that it would make people like me happier.


Save your loot tickets. If you find yourself in the same situation again, use all your titan and raid flags, then use your loot tickets to use all your world energy at once on the highest level province and stage you’ve completed. You won’t waste the energy, and the excess experience rolls over into the next level


This is great advise. I didn’t consider that solution of using several loot tickets to not loose energy

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Great advice but it requires planning.
I’ll try it for next level though.

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Everything in this game requires planning.

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I like the idea of getting flasks instead of take it automatically to cap.

Even better where a dialouge "would you like to level up now? Yes and no.

This would make sure touse all titan flags or wait till new titan arrives. Before we level up

Actually that is a great idea. It would also for the present set max to new level max. Just allowing for an interupt before leveling.