Suggestion for Leveling Flag Reward


I was thinking, now that you have the Flasks it might be a good idea to reward someone for leveling with a set of flasks rather than just “Filling Up” their flags. I know I have levels when some of my flags were already at full or close to it. IT felt like a missed reward. The Flasks would allow the player to enjoy the reward you mean for them to have for sure.

So to summarize; give a set of flasks when they level as a player rather than jut up their flag counter.

Thank You


That’ll be great except for the dummies who don’t know where to find the flasks… :grin:


I agree with this and while this wouldn’t be an option inmost games. Leveling in E&P is not an every day occurrence by any means. Timing the leveling to be beneficial is difficult and often requires not playing to hold your level up for when it would be the most beneficial. Then it is typically not going to be beneficial for all 3 flags.

I don’t think the flasks over instant refills would cause an imbalance at all.