Suggestion for game, what should do players like me?

I am from country that each dollar is 300000 currency, and my wage is 100 dollars monthly, and I love game so much and I pay almost all my wage on game but in another hand it is nothing with other currency so I cant progress in game soon for example I pay much in our currency but I do not even get one 5 * hero of season 2 or 3. If I were in another country I had so much more now. For player like me who is always online and pay alot without huge progress should be a way.
Another hand I use my gems to skip waiting for missions to just play more and it always get more waiting time and it is near 3 weeks I did not get any special mission.
It is some how disappointing, I send this as ticket support but did not get any answer so I write it here.

Yes i agree, I’m from south Africa, last 3month i spent 2700 dollars, that a lot off money in my currency, and level 64, but i got team mates that from USA that not even close to my level , have better and more 5stars than me, and i even tried to change my country location but can’t, seem like 1st world countries have better luck than us, and worst part is that i spend more money’s than most and still have a worst roster than most that lower level than me. And been playing for 2yrs now.

There is a method called Russians are lucky, you basically change your game language in settings to Russian and do the pulls. Never helped me but hope it helps you, seen a lot off good pulls that way.

Other way is to sit and wait for gems and EHT to accumulate and then choose specific events and specially like Morlovia, Christmas and Easter where you can pull for special heroes with EHT.

I know it is hard to get good heroes like that but if you play enough some off them will come.

Hope you get good stuff.


No I hate hack or things like that
I love game I am always online, I set alarm to play
I introduce game to many people here.
I just need to progress faster before I got disappointed and quit game.

I love game as much as I decrease money for even food to pay for play. I am always online and play and developer can easily find out the place of players and their activity.
I can not even pay 2700 like u because it is 1000000000 currency here. But I pay all my money it is like player who live in Usa and pay for example 1000 monthly.
The money is same but the progress is far far away.

This may not be a game for you. This among all the games has a very very slow progress curve. Lets ilustrate it with an example.

You play a card game, you have a ranked and tournament system and a base set card. If you want to go further you have to purchase card packs. Eventually you will reach a point where you can craft most of the meta decks and compite. Theres still a learn curve.

In empires you can throw 10000 dlls at the very begining and still need one year to start seeing your heroes leveled and maxed. And so that you wont be able to max all your summoned 5☆.

Imagine a race and a marathon. While in other games (a race) you can speed your progress up by spending, here in empires its not possible.

If you really want to speed things here you would need vip pass to unlock the second builder. And not cheap at all pay for speed the buildings. But you will never be able to max your 5☆ by spending(only purchases the offers with AM and open the chest from some portals like atlantis, valhalla and costume chamber)

Good luck

Thanks for your answer, no I did not mean faster like 1 day fast I hate those game too.
Before E&P I hate games and never play, I love game too much.
I mean just progress be fair based on activity and payment in current currency not be fast.

This game is not about progressing faster unless you can afford to pay BIG.

You pay one of two ways here.

  1. Money
  2. Time

I pay in time. After 33 months I am finally able to compete with teams up to 4600TP fairly regularly. If you don’t have/want the time to put into this then you either need a better paying job or a different game.

Patience is key. You need a lot of that no matter how you decide to play.

PS I don’t spend much and I don’t chase heroes.


Thanks for your answer I will do that

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Best of luck in the game, and most importantly have fun.

You can buy all the hero’s you want, but materials to max them all and emblem is a different story.
I see this game as fun, there two other people from the UK in my alliance rest USA canada a few Australia, we All get on that’s what good, trying to be top is hard unless you wanna chuck loads of money into it.
Personally I enjoy it sure would like a 5* red right now but life is life, don’t take this game to seriously obey the alliance rules and you will have more fun that’s my take on it.


You right thanks for your answer :heart:

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But it is not fair really, for example someone who is educated in Usa earn 6000 per month (for example) if he plays and pay a alot maybe he pays 1000 $ per month (the maximum)
It is just 1/6 of his wage and he will get everything.
I am well educated ( got master) and paye 75 % some times 100 % of my wage for game, at least 3/4 but I do not get great result.
I love game so much more, I play it so much more, I share game more and I pay more in equal situation but result is absolutely unfair.
Other hand I know it is not anyone fault I just hoped developer find a way or active prize or somehow for players like me

You know what is funny to me?
I have been in ranking 1 my local 3 times I have the screenshots, with 4200 power and I have been upper than player with 4800, 4700 team power. It is because of my passion toward game and think and search about it, so imagine ranking 1 of a country does not deserve at least 1 special hero of each colour :sweat::pensive:

This may not be a popular response but if your spending 100% of your wages it may be a good time to quit and find another game that’s less of a grind.

I didnt start spending till about a year in when I was established and enjoyed the grind to get where I was but then decided I would like to try for the next level.

If you dont get satisfaction playing FTP in the beginning then you ultimately wont be satisfied no matter how much you spend, it’s designed that once you get what you want and think your on top BANG… a new shiny thing is released that’s a MUST have

Much better things to invest your hard earned money in.

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No I spend because I love game very much
I do not even play another game, I hate games and I play E&P because it was reward for other game and I install it to finish mission then uninstall like other games I used to.
I love game very much, money is for fun and I have fun with E&P nothing else.
I am not worried about money I just want to tell this issue to game developer maybe find a way
Btw any advice is helpful thanks :heart:

It makes me sad to read your story, and the best advice I can give you is: forget about heavy spending people. Do not compete with players who have it all, it’s completely different universe. Just play your game the best you can, with what you have. You (and I) will never catch up all those people who have maxed the newest hero the same day it was released and gave it 20 tallents. Neither we should. This is just a game. With more than 1 billion people in this world living in harsh poverty, having fun with your virtual friends all over the world should not cost that much in my opinion. But people can choose differently, and they do. It’s up to them. Have a great time here and be proud on yourself - you are doing your best. :heart:


You are so kind, I wish I had a friend like you

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