Suggestion for base expansion – give more depth to the outposts in the campaign element

To devs, and though willing to read my input.

Theres a lot of growth in the game content, and I’m enjoying it, though the stronghold and base expansion follows the standard rule; store and spend time based resources long enough to unlock more content.

My idea is to give more depth to the outposts in the campaign element (season one and two). They could be under attack from in game enemies, bosses or other players. The attacks would be dealt with through a level in game either rewarding, or looting the player.

I would recommend making them optional as there is already a lot to chew through nowadays, not using it to add any pressure to the players, just as an extra flag burner or low level reward generator.

Giving different backdrops or enemies would be easy as the provinces provide the theme and many could be reused. Different forms of attack or attacking different areas (I.e.attack with arrow support like alliance wars, or “the mage training camp was attacked, you may only use wizards and sorcerers” hero parameters would be simple enough, but the stronghold is pretty but boring to look at too often, give it (or the provinces map) some action to engage the user.

Just a few thoughts, I’d like to hear yours.


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