Suggestion for an Allience team forum

Hi there.
I have a suggestion which in many way would also increase forum participation for many players.
What if an Alliance leader could also have a forum post for there members to come to and be able to discuss team strategies and help each other out as that would also keep posts to refer bact to at later dates for new comers which unlike the current chat rooms within the alliance which deletes chats as they go.

As Allience owners we could post messages to our team members to say up to date allowing those don’t play on a daily bases to stay in touch with what’s going on within that Allience.

One way of doing this would be an automatic forum thread assigned to that alliance when the alliance is being created with alliance leader being the mediator of that thread. Having a linked button in every allience members name would also be a better and easier way for each member to access that particular alliances forum thread.

This wouldn’t stop others from joining and getting involved but it would be a far better way to keep track and fer back to of what is discussed.

Just a thought that comes from seeing this (I wasn’t here when you wrote that message) which I found happens a lot with players that only play when they have time but do want to know what’s been going on with the team, playi g catch up as they say. Those plsyers would just need to refer back to the forum and viola it’s all there.


Most alliances use apps like Line or Discord for this.

They have much better encryption than the forum and have all the functionality for pictures, blocking and kicking members.

And they send notifications to your phone, which a forum wouldn’t.

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Ok. Guess that works. Cheers

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