Suggestion for acquiring costumes released in the game

I sent this message to support, what do you think?


I would like to make a suggestion.

In order for the game to be fair in relation to hero costumes, you should, at a MINIMUM, make the purchase of the costume available ONLY for those who already have a hero.

It is an extreme absurdity, an injustice, and a lack of respect for the players, to spend to have a hero, due to the EXCLUSIVE fault of the game that always launches new heroes, the hero is outdated, and the player has to spend everything again to TRY, with virtually zero chance, take out the same hero again.

So whenever you release a new costume, you should give players who already own the hero the opportunity to buy just the costume and stay up to date.

That would be the MINIMUM you should do to bring justice to the players."

They do give you that opportunity… Via pulls… But your cost may be much different than someone else’s.

After suggesting it already:

I think it will get placed in the File 13

Too many pay again:
If 10,000 have GM
And half of them spend $2,000 to get his costume.
Then… one-year-later…
The other half get the costume for free?
You will ignite the dumpster
In favor of those who don’t spend,
over those that do…

They should have respected their long-term customers, before costumes left the chamber.
It’s too late…

Plus, new money gets to ride a chute
While you climb the ladder

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:thinking: Took me a few reads to parse the intention of the idea.

At the time of typing… For example, if I have Wilbur (currently doesn’t have a costume as far as I’m aware), and they release a Wilbur costume, then I should have the option of purchasing the costume?

I don’t disagree with the idea, I’d go further and say that if costumes were made with actual game balancing purposes, then all costumes should be available to those who already own the base hero for free. Why? Because game balancing shouldn’t be monetised in any game.

But… they’re not a game balancing mechanic. Costumes are a monetisation mechanic. Plus, heroes and costumes have never been sold directly to the customer because that could be a bit of a mess.

Good luck with the idea. :slightly_smiling_face: