Suggestion for a solution to AW

I have been reading and also replying to a lot of the problems regarding AW.
It has been suggested we have a ranking system just like we have for alliances. And has been stated this would cause major upsets for weeks as while it was sorting itself out we would have so many unfair matches that people would quit in large numbers
My very basic solution (sits back and waits for all the negative comments to pour in) would be to adopt a league system just with different divisions for different lvls
For example :-
Div 1 = top 50 alliances
Div 2 = alliances from 51 thru 200
Div 3 = alliances from 200 to 1000
Div 4 = alliances from 1k to 2k
Div5 = alliances from 2k to 3k

Pick a random day for this to be implemented say June 1st on that day you are allocated a place in a division.
Each teams score is Zero and as we fight we accumulate points say 15 for a win 10 for a draw and 5 for a loss.
With the implementation in the lower leagues that you can only be matched against an alliance no more than 10 places above or below your league score
At the end of a set period the top 10% say of the division are promoted to the higher level with corresponding numbers demoted to lower level.
Yes there will still be massively mis matched wars but all alliances will be in the same position from the outset and over a few weeks it should sort itself out where matches are fairer

I realise that this may be a simplistic solution to a complicated problem but it would at least mean that the arguing can stop

I could nitpick details, but I agree with the general concept. War scores and leagues with relegation/promotion are probably a good way to go until they can figure out a better matching algorithm.

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