[Suggestion] Featured Deal of the Day


[Suggestion] Featured Deal of the Day

The Featured Hero of the Day (FHotD) would be a random 3*- 5* Hero. FHotD would already be powered up to Tier 2 (one ascension) Level 1.

FHotD would appear in the Shop and be different for each player.

For every 900 gems you spend in the game during the deal, you can purchase 1 FHotD for 450 gems, limit of 3.

Reminder: Leveling a FHotD with an identical hero gives you +25% skill roll.

If you spend 1800 gems in the game during the deal, you can purchase 2 FHotD, but if you spend 3600 gems, you are still limited to 3 total.

Ingredient Option
Same as FHotD, but for ingredients. Gems needed to qualify, gem cost and availability window of the offer may vary.

Ascension item Option
Same as Ingredient Option, but for Ascension items.

Purchasing a FHotD does count towards the next FHotD purchase. So purchasing 2 automatically qualifies you for the 3rd. FHotD purchase also counts towards Ascension item offer and Ingredient offer and vice versa.

48 hour option
Instead of 24 hours, the FHotD/ Ingredient/ Ascension item is available for 48 hours to give players more time to get a hero/ ingredient/ item they really want and to slow down availability of the most popular heroes/ ingredient/ item.

My work cafeteria set up a Make-Yourself- Waffle- Bar. It did good for a few weeks, then fell into disuse. They switched it to twice per month and it does very well.

If given a choice between two jelly bean flavors, customers will pick the one they like. If given the choice between forty jelly bean flavors, customers will have a hard time choosing a flavor.

Book of Heroes does a yearly Pirate Event. Virtual Goods during the Pirate Event “cheat” in game. This is good for the players who are playing during Talk Like a Pirate Day, but pisses off the players who miss it (illness, family, work, cash flow, etc.) and have to wait a year for a really really cool sword or ring.

Even though it is better for the consumer to have all options available all the time, and cheaply, depending on the business model, limited time offers are more beneficial to customers and business owners.

Except for the first 12- 18 months, games should avoid Once In A Lifetime offers as mobile games have a slow ramp up period, unless you are a tie in property.

[Primer, Math] Why did I get four Banes from x10 elemental yellow summons or how summons, and indirectly recruit training, works in Empires