[Suggestion] Double or Nothing rewards


[Suggestion] Double or Nothing Rewards

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If a player completes a Province stage 25 times and then the player gets a second button labeled “Double Rewards” next to the “Fight” button. Double rewards costs twice the energy of the normal fight button.

During a double rewards run, each monster killed counts as 2 monsters for Wanted Missions and drops 2x the rewards.

8-7 would still have “Fight” button for 3 world energy (WE) but also new “Double Rewards” button on left for 6 WE.

Optionally Devs can add double or nothing to the following :

Quests (25 completes for that individual quest. Example: Find Food Quest complete only counts for its 25, not for Find Iron Quest)

Rare Quests like Frostmarch

Raids (25 completes at that number of cups or higher. Example fighting a 500 cup opponent, must have completed 25 raids versus 500+ cup opponents. Each hero killed counts as 2 heroes for Wanted Missions while food & iron doubled).

Titans (same Titan defeated 25 times. Damage done is doubled. Hope you get a good starting tile board)

This additional feature would benefit newbies & elder players

Twice as fast farming/ raids/ Titans (players can optionally purchase more energy flasks since they can complete farming/ raids/ Titans faster in real world),
twice rewards,
twice cost if fail,
bystander looking over player’s shoulder on mass transit still sees cool art & animation,
need large energy bar for rare quests like Frostmarch.


Mate… did you had rum ,whilst you were typing… this doesn’t make sense to me. Sorry .