[Suggestion] Display all heroes eligible for class quest team, even if ineligible version currently selected - Post #6 Dev response "V26"

[Suggestion] Display all heroes eligible for class quest team, even if ineligible version currently selected

My fighter Boldtusk was ineligible for Trials of Justice ( paladin/ monk )

If I did not remember monk Boldtusk was eligible, I would have had to use Aegir and potions for my healing while monk Boldusk is a superior healer.

The huge advantage of costumes is using heroes, especially healers, in multiple class quests.

Trials of Nature allows BOTH Druid, and Ranger, Horghall.

One solution would be to have class button on the hero roster view display both the base hero, and all costumes, as separate heroes with an ! icon next to the mask icon. Clicking the mask icon would warn users that costume heroes count as one hero when selecting a class quest team.

Fighter Boldtusk would be displayed under fighter group and
Monk Boldtusk would be displayed under monk group


I like this idea. I’m not certain on the best way of implementing, but if a hero is eligible due to a costume, they should show up as eligible.


My thing is if a costume is eligible for the class quest, it should automatically switch to it or at least have the base hero selectable so the player can change into said costume. Or at least have the base greyed out like how they are when a base hero or It’s costume is locked in a tournament or AW.

A simple costumes with matching classes available popup would be easy to implement.

Just a little sql request when class quest team editor is selected.

Requesting a merge with this topic:

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thank you for the feedback! We are currently working on implementing this in V26 :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to leave separate as they are slightly different but related. That said, post 4 I your suggested thread probably belongs here. I’ll move that one.

That’s not exactly true. Now we have a class quest running. I used to have a team for that with Bane. Now I start quest and notice that one team member is missing! Namely, Bane, who was costumed, 'cause I like costumed version better. The thing is, I can’t change him back from that exact screen, because he’s grayed as not allowed hero! See attached pic.

My request is simple. For Class quests, heroes with costumes should be marked somehow, if original hero or costumed one is of a proper class. Given, you have the costume. Marked, I mean, we can change his costume for class quest from team editor. Side notice - you can’t change the costume for quest also, if this hero is in alliance war defense team.


Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Closing as implemented.

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