[Suggestion Debate] Revenge Bar can be buffed or debuffed?

[Suggestion Debate] Revenge Bar can be attack buffed or attack debuffed?

Just did a quick forum search and could not find anything similar to discuss. If my Google Fu is weak, please provide a link in comments.

How would it change war if the revenge Bar could be attack buffed ( War Cry ), attack debuffed ( Sonic Wall ) or cleansed of attack buffs ( Piercing Strike ) or cleansed of attack debuffs ( Purification )?

Should single target debuffs work ( Entangling Shot )? Nearby target debuffs ( Blade Barrage ) ? or only all enemies ( Creeping Vines ) ?

Should it count as mana and be effected by mana drain ( Mystic Chop, Slash of the Seven Blades, etc. ) ? mana buffs ( Have Faith/ Khan’s Orders ) ?

Clever idea. Don’t know if it’s a good proposal or not, but I’m really pleased you raised it. Here’s a vote. [Votes.]

Now I’m going to go away and try to imagine the effect.

I think if it was an option to choose the effect (or not have one) it would really change the dynamics and make it less like raids on steroids.

If an effect was chosen I think it should come with a damage sacrifice though… So depending on which effect it could deal only 10-15% health in damage, or you could choose just to keep the effect-less 25%.

Personally I would like to see brienne’s special as an option, so the tiles that hit my defense team boost the attack (what was it, something like 4% each hit?) as the attacker continues for the next 3 turns.