[Suggestion] Convert without a builder if either building is maximum level

[Suggestion] Convert without a builder if either building is maximum level

With Advanced buildings there is no benefit to 4x Forge level 20.

With Barracks, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy, building spaces, and builders, will constantly be shifting in priorities.

If the base building, or the Advanced Building, is at maximum level, allow conversion between the two without a builder.

A Barracks Level 10 could be converted to a base building, or from a base building, without an available builder.

A Forge Level 20 could be converted to an Advanced Building, or back to a Forge Level 20, without a builder.


This would not apply to upgrade, only the free conversion.

Converting a building to an Advanced Mine Level 1, for the first time, would still require a builder and 429k food.


Convert button would change to Free swap button with a green outline. If a free swap was available.


Something to consider, can we please remove the builder requirement for converting buildings? 2 builders working for days on building upgrades and someone thought is was a good idea to make a quest the you can’t complete due to this idiotic requirement.

Please decouple them from having an open builder …

They’re already built — waiting days and days to give a peasant 10 seconds of glory converting what’s already built is annoyingly meh.

It has happened so many times that in the middle of upgrading my other buildings using two builders, I needed to convert my #Barracks back to the #Forge or even convert my #Forge to my #Hunter’s Lodge, that mostly happened when I had to wait about two days to one of my upgrades finished. They are already converted so for Iron-free converting why there are still time and the need of builder?

Please take it into consideration and solve it as soon as possible,

Convert back to old building (free convert) should be allowed without the requirement of an free build slot exists, at this moment i have 2 upgrades and cant convert alchemy back to forge cause of that.

Gonna bump this thread

Yes please. Conversion does not mean building.

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Yeah. It would be nice.

[Final No-sense sentence added in squares in order to write at least 20 characters]

I have 2 builders with VIP but with these long build times for advanced structures, its been hard to transfer a building to another building that I have built. So how about a builder that just does like training camp to hunter’s lodge and vice versa.

Thank you,

I’m not sure what your asking select builders for select buildings?

I think the intent here is to be able to toggle between buildings that you’ve already built, but that are locked in place because your builder (or both builders, if VIP) are already busy right now.

I don’t see what harm that would do.

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This is what I was talking about.

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Soo once builder is done it’s moved to another building that you have selected to build next?

In other words, just let us convert buildings without needing an used builder? This would be the simplest QoL improvement.

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Ah get yah the ones that take like 5 seconds to swap over.


yeah that where they take the builder out of converting or give us a convert only builder

or add the ability to pause a building construction


20 Valors of Path.
20 Builders a’ building.

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