[Suggestion] Color blind settings per team

[Suggestion] Color blind settings per team

I am not color blind.

But I use colorblind mode when color stacking to remind me of which colors are absent.

3x Blue, Green, Purple team I would dim absent colors Red and Yellow.

Right now I am using it for the 90 seconds of terror known as a titan battle.

Accessibility programming can help both the target population ( text to speech for blind users ) and other populations ( text to speech while driving ).


Have a checkbox for each team

:black_square_button: Use Global color blind setting
:black_square_button:Use Team color blind setting

That’s a very creative hack.


this, I like this idea… I am not color blind, and if this also implement with not blind mode (dim absent colors) will be super great :+1:

In raid, I almost always bring Boldtusk, and always priority to match red tiles, later after I get Kiril and play, sometimes I forget that my red tiles is absent. :sweat_smile:

PS: I canot vote, I have limit, I don’t know the limit, I’m not so much doing vote lately, but it still Limit.


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