[Suggestion] Chat channel timers


[Suggestion] Chat channel timers

Each account would have limited number of chat messages they can post to the chat channels Peer Support, Alliance Recruitment and Global/ Off-Topic

Peer Support would be limited to 5 chat messages per 2 hours per account. When limit is reached, the message “Additional help can be found on the Small Giant Games forum at: “ This would give a player 5 chat message (which have a long maximum length each) to ask for simple help. Multiple other players can help out. Harder problems probably should be handled in the forums anyways.

Global/ Off-Topic would be limited to 20 chat messages per 5 hours per account. When the limit is reached, the message “Additional discussion can be found on the Small Giant Games forum at: “.

Alliance Recruitment would be limited to 1 chat message per 7.5 hours per level 10 account. When the limit is reached, the message “Additional recruitment can be found on the Small Giant Games forum at: “. This would give each alliance fellow 1 message per 7.5 hours and each maximum alliance, 30 fellows, 1 message every 15 minutes.

By limited chat messages per account, players will have to consider how they want to spend this limited resource. By limiting chat messages per account, a troll can do less damage before being permanently banned by the Devs.

Ambassadors & Game Specialists
Ambassadors would be accounts with double or triple the normal number of chat messages.

Game Specialists would be accounts with unlimited chat messages on all channels.

I am a chat moderator and a forum moderator at Book of Heroes by Venan. A lot of developer cycles get consumed when a chat moderator goes rogue, trolls try and troll the moderators, moderators get in flame wars with bands of trolls, the flame war gets shifted to the forum and permanent chat bans, and forum bans, start getting handed out. Players that have spent hundreds of USD on a game get really angry when they get silenced, globally silenced or permanently banned.


This is a terrible Idea in peer support. Sometimes people are asking strategy questions or having a conversation about something. Trying to move that from real-time chat to a forum software is equivalent to telling people to stop texting and use email.

Peer support is for way more than “problems”, most of the requests are advice. Which is NOT better served on forum software but in real time.


If we had private chat available, then something like this could work. But even in the recruitment chat room, it would be almost impossible to coordinate bringing a new recruit into an alliance if we could only post one message per hour even , Let alone every 7.5 hours.

My biggest gripe with the chat rooms, which perhaps is what the 0P was trying to address, is the amount of off-topic chit chat. I block the worst offenders, but their spamming or idle chatter makes it difficult to follow a conversation. The new spam warning address is this only in part, but doesn’t get to the chit-chat problem.