[Suggestion] ¿Can freemium games be less predatory? OR Spend Depth versus Loot Boxes OR Stop the Hide

[Suggestion] ¿Can freemium games be less predatory? OR Spend Depth versus Loot Boxes OR Stop the Hide

Spend Depth and Loot Box

Click for Spend depth and Loot Boxes

Spend Depth ( annoying but ethical )

Speed Ups
Merciless RNG
Short cuts
Uses behavioral science to encourage spending

Loot Box ( most profitable as predatory )


The annoying thing, ZS knows this

Goblin Balloon is a perfect example of Spend depth without loot boxing


Just show the user what their summons gets before they spend


1x Epic Hero summons gets Bane and HotM

10x Epic summon bundle gets
Vivica, Magni,
Rigard, Wu Kong, Melendor, Boldtusk, Belith, Gunnar, Dawa, Friar Tuck

This is basically an improved Censure summons method


Anytime a summons, that can be bought with gems, is performed, ALL summons results reroll

This would make all players HAPPY to get a Daily summons token ( silver ) since it would be effectively a summons reroll token

HotM and Daily summons

Users have been asking for YEARS that daily summons includes HotM

With this method it effectively does

If a Daily summons reroll indicates an Epic Hero Token can be used to get a 3* hero and 1x, or more, HotM, then the player can use an Epic Hero Token, or spend gems

It is basically Goblin Balloon with no timed paywall

Daily Summons

Make Daily Summons a server based action

Each account is assigned a time, and the roll happens at that time

After 24 hours without a log in, server suspends Daily summons until account reactivated by a log in


Instead of 2x Daily summons at the same time, change it to 2x Daily summons 12 hours apart to improve engagement

Raid Tournament

Roll loot BEFORE users join the weekly Raid tournament

Display that loot until the next tournament

Users that might skip a weekly Tournament, might join if guaranteed a good loot reward

Users that might skip a 75 gem continue, might spend the 75 gems if guaranteed a good loot reward


Poor forum staff, and volunteers, if ever implemented the complaints will continue

“I wanted Top 10% Tournament loot, but some people sandbagged and I got Top 1%!!! Lost tons of cool loot”

“My Epic Summons showed 3x HotM! But I was out of gems and tokens!!!”

“I could have got costumed Miki, but I forgot my Daily summons on that account is at 3:17 PM UTC!!!”

“I was only FIVE gems short of a 30x summons so I missed out on Panther!! ! I have been chasing Panther for 4 years!!!”


Add a 50x, and a 100x, summon bundle

1x summons have a 3600 second ( 1 hour ) cool down
100x summons have a 36 second cool down

Active cool down applies to all summons

With 30 minutes left in a limited time event

1x Summons would effectively prevent further summons and would have to wait for next appearance

While 10x ( 6 minute cool down ), or more bundles, would allow multiple last chance attempts

This would effectively bundle a summons speed up with larger summons bundles while extending spend depth for 1x summons and increasing player engagement with all summons

“My summons were only FIVE seconds left in cool down, when HotM changed!!!”

Now wondering if this is more evil than hidden

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Start the testing with a Public Beta

Daily Summons
Troop Summons
Elemental Summons

Roll it out to the live server 30 days before Ninja troops

If possible 60 days before Spring, or Summer, Seasonal Event



This should make Empires legal in all jurisdictions with a loot box ban

If the practice is voluntary adopted in the freemium game space, it should allow micro transactions to resist legislative action including, but not limited to, third party odds verification, minimum odds, maximum pricing, pity timers, shards, etc

Bargain hunting

Instead of gambling with real money, players would be hunting for bargains then spending real money on a specific purchase

Similar to internet deal sites, or weekly coupons circulars


Technically, the rerolls/ summons cool down speed ups would be a part of a bundle with the previewed hero / troop being the actual purchase with gems purchased with real money


This idea would also work with Alliance quest loot

( Clash of Knights loot was a joke - #12 by Gryphonknight )


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