Suggestion! Bumping up World Energy flags

Understanding we can buy W.E flags.

This game has evolved enough that it uses our current daily intake of world energy flags extremely quick these days.

It would be nice to have that bumped up to store more flags by about 6 flags per slot as the current amounts now have become minimal in lure if the amount of usage that is required as well as the high amounts required per some levels.

I currently have 37 and that gets used in no time at all.

Bumping it up a bit would bring it back in line with what amount if current events etc etc compared to what it was 12 to 18 months ago.

Just a thought, provide your thoughts on it and is it worth a vote.

I agree completely. They have added a lot more things to use world energy on(class quests come to mind). I want to level up more so I can get to over 40 world energy. Currently at 38. I doubt that this will be implemented though, since they would make less money on world energy refills, which I have bought on occasion.

I don’t feel W.E costs would really be that affected as those that buy them would still do so as they would be players that want better results in events.

The increase would only cover being able to the events but still allow some for farming where as the current amount seems to start/affect the amounts we have left for decent farming.

Why don’t they introduce something like, reach lvl 50 you can now store 7 raid flags and 4 titan flags.

By the time you get to lvl 50 your almost certainly raiding in diamond and facing 10*+ titans

A simple extra flag being available would be a nice little well done from sg, for the longevity of playing.

Flags can already be stored as you earn them.

I am talking about the daily accumulated ones every 5 mins.
Example; mine is at 37 currently and then it stops accumulating.
That is what I am asking/suggesting to be bumped up say an extra 6.
Not change the time or anything like that just the total amount kept.

Look at me just now, I logged in 10 mins ago and done 4 or 5 battles and I am out and going home.

Players that logon should have enough resources to play for at least 30 mins or so in normal game play before wondering or asking themselves whether they should be spending money on a new flag not 5 to 10 mins.

As the game evolves so should the resources to play it for f2p plays that evolve with it let alone every player in general.

Here is another way to ask yourself the question.

Would you continuously spend money of (in this case) W.E flags for just 5 minutes of play.
This really would make it a 85% Pay to WIN game only you reach these levels.

I would say level 40 or something like 6 extra flags added every 12 months as bonus for playing 12 months in the game. Something like that but at least it would bump up accordingly as tge game evolves offering extra bigger tougher events and allow you to play accordingly.

I don’t feel it’s asking to much if it means players stay on the game longer which would then encourage spending as it would seem more worthwhile.

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I agree with you, we as active players should get a little reward, extra titan flags would be great especially against huge* titans

I do think they give us a lot more world energy also. sorry about that

Lol, don’t you mean SHOULD or COULD give us more W.E.

Yes sorry about that, that’s what I get for typing and talking at the same time. I think they should give us more energy for all 3 types. There’s a lot of special events that chew up world energy. We would play even more and still buy more energy. It would be win, win

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10 mins into the and iron quest completed, titan is hit, revenges done and won, and not only am I now bored but I have no W.E flags for farming which could have kept me in the game longer.

SG if you can’t provide the/enough resources to keep us playing for at least an hour or more day then not only will you ever make it in the game if the year list but players will be forced to find somewhere else to go play a game.

Please Upgrade players requirements to at least keep them on here as 10 mins is nowhere near acceptable.

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