[Suggestion] ban inactive players auto

There are more and more guilds with inactive players who cannot be banned.
After 100 days without connection to the game, automatically ban the player. If there are no more players in the guild, delete this one.

There are a few threads about this but they all didn’t get much action.
Would you like to give some reasons why?

  • Do not discourage new players with only inactive players ( like the chief of the guild ) …
  • Reduce the number of inactive guild ( sometime with more than 20 players …)

So this based on a alliance leader Co etc… Not a player to player basis.

For example the killer king! guild. most of them are inactive player. Why kept this guild ?!

if you want to concoct a scheme whereby this only applies to alliances with inactive leadership then I won’t care.
If you start reaching into my alliances to kick inactive players, then I have an issue.

In my second/alt alliance we have a player who is currently 90 days inactive. Why haven’t we kicked him? Because he’s the guy who founded the alliance and life currently prevents him from playing. He pops in every few months, smacks the titan a couple of times and goes back to working too many hours. He hasn’t been the leader since two months into the alliance’s existence (going on 2 years) and it’s my decision on whether he gets booted, not the game’s.

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I have an alt account sitting at level 4 that leads an alliance I created so if I or the people I was playing with at the time needed a mental health break but wanted to still hit the occasional titan they could. It is set to open so we can head into it anytime we want and I dont need to keep checking in and accepting people.

The alliance is set to not be in wars.

It harms nobody this being there and theres no good reason for closing it down.

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As has been pointed out before you cannot do that because the alliance belongs to the inactive leader who paid his gems to create it. He paid his gems only he is allowed to dissolve it. I agree it is pretty inconsiderate to leave an active alliance without an active leader. When I left mine for a couple months I appointed someone as leader. When I came back a few months later I was happy to just be a member but, I was shortly promoted back to leader and have been there ever since.

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