[Suggestion] Baby Titan / Second TITAN CHEST for rare (3* only) hero

This idea was introduced by @Gryphonknight way back
You can check His topic for suggestions as well
For me i like the idea of having more alliance activities

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The problem is roster space.

A significant amount of income comes from Elder players who concentrate on 4* / 5* heroes and ignore 1* / 2* / 3* heroes.

If Dev Tim’s dream of a use for every hero comes true, roster space will become even more precious.

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Yeah i agree with you
Until they release a building that will give us a use of our duplicates there will always be a problem with space

this new special titan only for 3* or less can be titan for 2nd season. =D
I loved your idea. This game should improve to make more relevant our 3* heroes.

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Roster space have a cap? I mean for the purchaseable spaces - does it cap out?

No known cap.

But for a variety of reasons, many players I am friends with are unable to make IAP. So any solution involving gems is difficult for them. At least one would prefer Atlantis coins can be converted to gems.

Dang that is a pity - quite a limiting factor in a game such as this. Not detrimental but certainly difficult.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 could we possibly merge threads?

The other idea was introduced back in 2017 and i believe its closed
Will try to search for it

The thread @Gryphonknight started was closed at his request:

I personally like the idea, though.

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Thank you zephyr
I completely forgot to search for the topic and post it here :see_no_evil:

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You also forgot that you linked it above, apparently. :slight_smile:

Damn i think am getting old :rofl: been forgetting many stuff lately didnt even know that its the same topic
I really need a vacation

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If you want, unlock it and we can continue the debate there.

But even with emblems and 5* battle items, I think there are some significant hurdles. From missing colors of 3* healers to lack of 3* version of Ramming Pulverizer to lack of 3* Wu Kong or 3* Tarlak to lack of 3* Rigard.

While 4* heroes are the backbone of Empires. 5* heroes make all the money. And 3* heroes are quickly forgotten.

I’m hoping for more new 3* heroes, which could alleviate some of those issues. But I also think those limitations are part of why it’d be fun.

When our alliance was newly formed, we had a lot of fun with the baby titans while waiting for higher star levels. We set Team Power caps for everyone, and got creative with teams within those constraints. They didn’t necessarily look like teams you’d use for bigger titans with full choice from your roster — and that’s part of why I enjoyed it, it was something new and a different challenge.

It was honestly one of the most fun things I’ve done while playing — so the idea of something like that coming along periodically really appeals to me.

I also think it would be a nice break from grinding on bigger titans, where we’re always riding the upper edge of what we’re capable of taking down.

Since @Snowdoggydogg asked about merging, and @Gryphonknight was willing for the original thread to be reopened, I’ve merged us over.


To Gryphonknight
I think in all perspectives the 3*'s have similar set up as 4*'s, 3 colors healers, baby rammers( Ulmer for 1), some strong hitters, and tanks, for 3*'s that is . Their power is enough that sometime i use them in stacking.
Granted if you have an extensive roster of 4 & 5 stars they are wimpy, but still they are effective in their categories.
For beginners and mid level players, i believe a few well chosen heroes can add to any roster. Personally I’m trying to build 2 teams with what i feel is the best of them, in addition to my 4*‘s.
Some are next to useless, but the same can be said about some 4 & 5’*s.
About the original topic, i like it, but how would you set it up?
I’m in an alliance, but, more of a loner, like my name sake, i do participate, but afterward I’m off to do my thing.
My long winded 2 cents. :laughing:
Have fun

I am sleep deprived but I am wondering if we could combine these two ideas

Let the officers schedule titans by stars and hero rarity allowed with each slot being normal or rare.

Maybe make up for hero rarity restrictions by letting the officers select a boost like Hero Field Aid, Hero Rush Attack, Hero Buff Booster, Titan Dense Fog, etc.

Maximum 15* titans

1- Rare 10*
2- Normal 15*
3- Normal 5* restricted to 3* heroes with bonus Hero Rush Attack

Game burnout is a problem with F2P and Big Spenders.

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Combining them is definitely an interesting idea, and I think you have the right goal in mind: reduce burnout, and provide more gaming variety.

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Sometimes I struggle to stay alive against titans (especially while I was waiting for mats to ascend my 4*), mainly because I was middle of the pack in our alliance. I spend money on the game, so I advanced faster than my f2p peers, but I can’t help but wonder how much trouble it’s causing them. When I was waiting for mats, everybody told me that you have to hunt titans to get the mats. But if you only have a few 4* unascended heroes in an alliance that hunts 8*+ titans, how are you supposed to perform well enough to get decent rewards? Why not make titan hatchlings that you can only hunt with 3* heroes or below? Give f2p guys a little fighting chance and a boost.

We’re a pretty chill alliance, we’re not looking at minimum TP requirements, and we have a good amount of lower power players who are active and participate in everything. But they have to fight 8* titans with sub 2000 TP, they don’t get any mats.


If we move this to General, are the votes lost?