[Suggestion] Baby Titan / Second TITAN CHEST for rare (3* only) hero

[Suggestion] Baby Titan

Make every other Titan that appears a Baby Titan.

Baby Titans have their loot tier doubled. Example: Tier 2 becomes Tier 4.

Team restrictions
Heroes 1*- 3*
Troops 1*- 2*
Items 1*- 2*

Empires is full of 3* Heroes, give them more to do.

Dear god no.

3*s have plenty of things to do, most notably they are one of the favourite meals of higher heroes.

The event is already a good use for them, they really shouldn’t have any bigger part in the game - they’re literally average. Even when you double the loot tier, the titan that could possibly be taken down with a 3* team and those restrictions would land plenty of people in a lower loot tier than their usual titan does - not to mention that this would set a lot of alliances back a lot in titan score and possibilities to kill titans (I for one don’t have a full maxed 3* team for example, but I hit 10* titans just fine).

I guess I could ask about the practicalities (if you kill a 10* do you then get a 10* ‘baby titan’ or a titan that’s basically the max you can kill with 3s? How about if you kill a 4 with normal team, do you then get a 1* sized baby titan?) for the sake of the discussion :slight_smile: .

You can battle titans with these restrictions yourself if you want to, but don’t impose them on others please :smiley:

(also to be completely fair, empires is even fuller of 1 and 2* heroes who don’t even have their own event tier…)

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I am confused what you are suggesting.

Yes, your baby titan score would start out lower than your adult titan score, but you would still be getting your 10* titan loot while you were leveling up your baby titan team. Just like you can fight in the Advanced challenge event scoreboard even without running a team in the Beginners or Intermediate challenge event scoreboard.

Besides 3* heroes are a terrible way of leveling heroes, 1* heroes are the best way to level (see note).

The advantage with alternating Adult titans with Baby titans is making alliances more inclusive. My alliance member are hitting 100k per Adult titan but I am happy if I get a cascade for 5k. If you just care about the end game player, you are going to have trouble retaining a player base. As more and more of your player base shifts to end game player, it walls out the new player.

Note 1)

In that case I don’t think I fully understand what you originally suggested.

  • Do you propose a ‘baby titan’ that you get simultaneously next to your normal titan? (just like how you can play advanced next to intermediate/ and if you still get 10* loot at the same time).

  • 3* heroes most definitely are better food than 1*, I won’t keep them clogging up my hero inventory if I have no intend of using them and they give more experience on my better heroes than the 1* hero you suggest I use. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a 5* to lvl 80, but those final levels are a pain without 1* fodder already.
    To give you an idea: same colour 1* gives 180xp, lvl 78 to 79 takes 4.5k exp and per hero you pay 12.7k food. A quick calculation shows that doing 1 level on them that way would take about 320k food. You may be at a different stage of the game - but I most definitely disagree that 1* heroes are a better way to level heroes than 3* heroes (especially if you don’t even know about the amount used).

  • In my opinion, if the difference is that big, either the other members are hitting below what they should be hitting - or you’re punching above your weight. I generally don’t have such differences in my alliance as everyone seems to be playing on their level. New players don’t have to be walled out, but they can’t reasonably expect to instantly join a top alliance and do the same damage as the veteran players either. You slowly progress and can either do this within one alliance or with several if they don’t grow at the same speed as you - to each their own, but I don’t think the game should taylor extra titans to people who don’t want to hit titans at their own level.

Edit: I read through your note - you seem to have written that for heroes who don’t have their skill maxed yet and don’t take food costs into consideration. I have 3 camps on lvl 20 that try and give me 5* heroes, I stand by my point that their 3* produce is excellent food at best.

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If I’m understanding the OP right, he’s proposing baby titans to give better loot than adult titans. So if you kill a 10* baby titan your loot tier would be 20 or something, if for an adult it’s a tier 10.

Gryphonknight, maybe you should simply find an alliance that’s more your speed? If you feel you’re lagging behind other alliance members, there are plenty of alliances that are filled with new members who are just growing their powers. They are basically fighting what you call baby titans :slight_smile: Just lower * titans that 3* heroes are perfectly capable of handling.

+7 for everything loorts said.

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Thank you for the courteous consideration of my suggestion, and your kind solution to my problem.

However, The Adult titan/ baby titan idea, and similar ideas I have posted about 3* heroes (healers and raids) is in response to a problem in MMOs, real life friends advancing at different speeds.

I have discovered that devs will often pick a different solution than my suggestion, but making a positive suggestion a) is better than saying “This game is unbalanced/ broken/ beta/ not finished/ awful “, b) indicates to the devs, and forum mods, this is a problem, c) helps me make friends with similar people on the forum d) helps me populate my forum friend and foe lists [I hope this software has a friend/ alerts and foe/ ignore function].

Looking at the math for epic hero tokens, event summons, elemental summons, elite training and legendary training, players will have lots of heroes to put together a 3* team.

MY PERSONAL RANT (feel free to skip unless you run a focus, or feedback, group)
[Active Rant Rant Rant= 100]
The only reason I joined empires is because my wife likes it. I do not want to join an alliance without my wife. We like our current alliance. My wife is significantly ahead of me in empires.

I am currently up to $40 USD in empires (joined in early July, started playing daily in late September). The game is still a baby, less than a year world wide available, so hoping Small Giant Games keeps up the current balancing act of spending development cycles on end game content (whales), beginners (potential whales), low income players (friends of whales), elder players (aka free quality control testers) and free only players (people for the whales and low income players to impress with their progress in the game). The last game I really liked, Book of Heroes by Venan, my wife, my mom and me spent $3000 USD (whale range) over five years (elder) and the devs joined our alliance (guild in Book of Heroes) to participate in our chat (free quality control testers). Reminds me I need to update my forum moderator’s signature over there to include Empires & Puzzles. It sucks that most game devs need to use volunteers to filter out the noise on forums, but I don’t see it changing any time soon.

The only reason my wife’s BFF rejoined empires, after she rage quit, is because the alliance my wife and I am currently in is very cool. I’ve heard the BFF rage quit empires months ago because her original alliance was filled with players giving a girl gamer a hard time in alliance chat. I do not want to join an alliance that gives my wife and her BFF a hard time in alliance chat. We like our current alliance. It sucks that there are people in empires giving other players a hard time in chat, but I don’t see it changing any time soon.

Since I know roughly what the BFF earns per year (potential whale) and can spend on a F2P game she likes, that is the potential for serious money the devs at Small Giants Games lost for months. And she is only playing again because of my wife’s alliance and the awesome players in the alliance. It sucks that whales, and potential whales, get a lot of the development cycles spent on them compared to the elders, but with F2P games, that is what keeps the servers on. As Pokemon GO proves, servers are often a higher priority for F2P than additional staff. You can contract out work, but if players cannot log on, they cannot spend time, like you on social media, and make In App Purchases.

To keep the game interesting for all three of us, and the other great players in our alliance, requires some way that my wife’s all 4* teams (she has several teams of 4* heroes at tier 4, three ascensions, and is running elite recruit training), my mixed 3* & 4* teams (I have four maxed out 2*, two maxed out 3*, and three 4* heroes at tier 3, two ascensions, and are running elite recruit training), and the BFF’s 2* & 3* teams can all do together, post about in our social media and make In App Purchases to get cool Virtual Goods and Virtual Currency as our reward.

Since titans are the only current alliance activity, thus the suggestion of Adult titans/ Baby titans.
[/deactive Rant Rant Rant]

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@Kerridoc @JonahTheBard

Please close this topic to return votes / prevent new voting.

With the Alliance war, Class quests and teased raiding, this is no longer practical or needed.

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Suggestion to increase the usage of 3* is to offer a secondary titan chest which the Alliance can gun for but is only accesible by 3* or less heroes, similar to the raid tourney scenarios.

Raid tourney goes a ways to creating some worth in 3* but an additional titan would really make them a must.

This idea was introduced by @Gryphonknight way back
You can check His topic for suggestions as well
For me i like the idea of having more alliance activities

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The problem is roster space.

A significant amount of income comes from Elder players who concentrate on 4* / 5* heroes and ignore 1* / 2* / 3* heroes.

If Dev Tim’s dream of a use for every hero comes true, roster space will become even more precious.

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Yeah i agree with you
Until they release a building that will give us a use of our duplicates there will always be a problem with space

this new special titan only for 3* or less can be titan for 2nd season. =D
I loved your idea. This game should improve to make more relevant our 3* heroes.

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Roster space have a cap? I mean for the purchaseable spaces - does it cap out?

No known cap.

But for a variety of reasons, many players I am friends with are unable to make IAP. So any solution involving gems is difficult for them. At least one would prefer Atlantis coins can be converted to gems.

Dang that is a pity - quite a limiting factor in a game such as this. Not detrimental but certainly difficult.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 could we possibly merge threads?

The other idea was introduced back in 2017 and i believe its closed
Will try to search for it

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