Suggestion: Allow players to opt out of alliance wars

Players need the ability to opt out of Alliance Wars without hurting the other members of their alliance. Currently, the only way to “opt out” is to simply not play. But since everyone’s team is used in the match making process, not participating hurts the other alliance members.

definitely yes!
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Unless the game sets up the ability to join “non-alliance war” alliances, I don’t see how it still won’t hurt the other team members. i.e. let’s say we have a full alliance and everyone is eligible by level, etc, and then there’s 6 that simply want to “opt out”. In a tight battle against an opponent, every attack counts and those opting out hurt the other alliance members. I could see players getting kicked because of opting out if they are part of a team participating in wars. If there was an option to join non-warring alliances, then it may work because then the whole alliance is choosing to participate or not.

If you could “opt out” and then the game would match up alliances based on not only hero strength but active, participating members of war, the I think it would work fine.


Don’t put a defense team and you are out, it’s simple.

Not setting up a defense team doesn’t stop a player’s contribution towards the titan score being ciunted for the purpose of matching. As such, just skipping the defense team could be considered letting their alliance down.

A proper opt-out would mean that the player wouldn’t be a part of the initial matching process either.

Since the matching process also needs to omit players too low in level to participate in Alliance Wars, adding a simple opt out flag at the matching stage would be an easy addition.


My understanding is that the game currently matches alliances even when some of the alliance members are too small to participate. If it can make a match when 3 or 4 members are too low level to participate, why wouldn’t it also be able to find a match when 3 or 4 players have simply opted out of the alliance wars portion of the game altogether?

Let me be clear that I’m not asking to be able to look at an enemy alliance and then opt out of the war. I’m looking for an option to be involved in alliance wars at all. The effort just isn’t worth my time. My alliance won this war. I got a summon token. I watched an ad and got a summon token and 2 gems. I then completed the “Kill 100 monsters” mission and got a summon token, 3 gems, and a trainer hero. Watching an ad takes zero effort. Killing 100 monsters is easy-peasy and only requires one team that doesn’t even have to be upgraded or ascended. Alliance wars take 6 teams to be competitive. Plus there’s a time commitment. Who am I hurting if I take a couple of days to watch that ad? Me. Who suffers if it takes me a whole week to kill 100 monsters? Me. Who misses out on the chance to get 3* trash instead of 2* trash if I can’t make all of my alliance war attacks because of work, family, or life issues? My entire alliance.

This game was a great time killer when I could play at my leisure. Now that I am forced into a schedule due to alliance wars…Well, maybe its time to look at one of the games I see in the Mystic Vision ads.


Banutu, I think you kind of missed my point that failing to put up a team hurts the alliance. Yes, I could be a selfish jerk and let my alliance suffer, but that’s not how I roll. Karma man: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am forced to be in an alliance to complete titan missions, and being in the alliance now means I must also support it in alliance wars. The direction the game is going is the exact opposite of a casual time-killer. I’m just thinking that I’m no longer the intended audience for this game.

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I think you’re missing the whole point, nobody forces you to stay in an alliance to fight titans no’or compete in alliance wars, you already have an option to opt out of both titans and alliance wars, it’s that red “Leave” button

You are mistaken, the development team is rolling out additional nerfs for titan loot that is meant to affect players outside a consistent alliance. This direction forces players (who not only enjoy titan content) that are interested in actually making progress this year without spending cash to stay in one alliance.

And those that don’t want to be punished in that matter, will drag down their alliance in the wars of they elect not to participate. While that in itself does not force their hand, it forces the rest of their alliance into a matchup whereby they are at a disadvantage. When no viable opt out option is available, morale of the players is negatively affected.

@Banutu if you really want to give advice on the matter, you should be recommending that folks uninterested in alliance wars form alliances with like-minded individuals. This way none can set defense teams and feel like they’re dragging down the alliance. Everything you say otherwise has simply been flawed logic.



Thank you very much indeed for your postings.
I fully agree.

There are missions for defeating titans (eg, 10 gems for defeating 150 titans). There are no missions for wars. And titan battles are easy enough: I can use the same team against titans as I do in regular story mode. Wars require me to have 6 teams which are upgraded and ascended. And if what @NitrousOxide says about loot nerfs is true, that makes it even more of a requirement to be in an alliance…unless I want to spend oodles of cash. IMO, nerfing all the loot from everything else to make the steaming piles of s**t they give as loot for alliance wars is a terrible “fix”.

Like I said, I just think I’m not the intended audience for this game. I’ve just started Province 23. If there’s no Opt Out button for alliance wars (since I doubt they’ll get rid of alliance wars altogether), I’ll just move on.

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I agree…they need to fine tune to take into consideration participation
I informed my alliance I won’t actively be participating in war… i don’t like it. I don’t like the tile “randomness”
I don’t like the arrow volley
I don’t like how auto, populates teams…( I feel like they changed it last war)

Sucks for my clan since I’ve been in the top 3 every war always targeting the 40+ point value opponents.
But I enjoy raids, titans, and growing heros more than this mish moshed together mass raid.

And 12 of 27 said the same thing…so we wont be putting in any effort. FWIW We only lost 1 match since pulling out


If they are nerfing down titan loot even more they will be asking us to pay diamonds for the privilege of hiting it and getting crap. I also intensely dislike the idea of being directed to play the game as they want me to, and not at my leisure and to my enjoyment. Even though I invested a lot of time and a reasonable amount of cash, I would also move on.

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For what it is worth, Petri was in peer support this morning and I asked him if an opt out option is being considered for AW since it is a topic frequently brought up here and he informed us in the room that it was being considered…so at least they are reading our comments and pondering them anyway…

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Now that sounds lovely!
Lets hope for the best.

What you’re saying doesn’t make any logic at all, those players who don’t want to compete could move on in some casual alliance where nobody competes.

Alliances will spread apart anyway, so your logic is to create an opt out button, where the leaders in their respective alliances could sort things out with players that want or do not want to compete, without any fancy opt out buttons.

I don’t see why SG would waste resources on something that doesn’t make any logic or difference.

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You don’t need any opt out buttons, all you need is to communicate with your alliance and let them know if whether or not you want to compete, it’s as clear as the blue sky.

First of all, I’m glad you understand my recommendation lol. You could be making it to others instead of complaining that folks shouldn’t want additional options in the game now, so good luck with that.

Secondly, an opt out button is not ‘fancy’ at all. It would be very easy to implement, however as the feature is meant to push players to save and level up weaker heroes (just like the events did) - and then progress to the point where if you want to be competitive you need at least 20 4* heroes and begin to invest money to teach that goal.

What you fail to understand is two things:
Not wanting to participate in alliance wars does not mean the same thing as not being a competitive player. Some people relish challenges brought on by excessively hard computer controlled boss fights, and want nothing to do with PvP aspects of any game. Your failure to be able to separate these people from the same mold only means you’ll never understand the true value on an opt out button.

And secondly, alliance wars is simply a d!ck move by the development team. The fact participation is mandatory, and that those who do want to become competitive now only have more reason to spend money on the game to advance clearly shows they have no clue what the majority of their player base is interested in. We want additional content that is fun, not just another push to Moneygrab.

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All this amounts to is a senseless and expensive arms race. Like in the Cold War.
A gets weapon / hero A and is now stronger than B. So B gets weapon / hero B and is now stronger than A. So A gets weapon / hero A+ and is now again stronger than B. So B gets … etc etc … ad nauseam.

As you and your alliance purchase and level up heroes, so will the other players in other alliances (your potential opponents)…

Expensive and completey senseless arms race.
Been there, done that ( in another game), not falling for this again.

In addition, I cannot see myself doing this duty ( war participation) four times a week for the next several months. Or however long I intend to play this game. As was mentioned above, the formerly casual game now puts you on a schedule. Which is not appreciated by every player. At all.

I am very much in favor of an individual opt out button, before matchmaking is done. So that those who like a nice, casual, communicative game can continue to enjoy it without having to bother with it excessively.

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