[Suggestion] Allow harpoons in Legendary tier of Challenge events

[Suggestion] Allow harpoons in Legendary tier of Challenge events

Because Challenge events v2.0 are hard.

Harpoons only require 1* map ingredients.

Plus harpoons are the best thing ever added to Empires.

I think it’s a great idea!

No, that’d force everybody to bring em in for good results.


I used harpoons on Santa challange legendary difficult.

So I don’t understand what you are saying?

Santa’s Challenge, while containing the word “Challenge” in it, is not a challenge event. :slight_smile:

The OP is talking about challenge events like the Guardians of Teltoc that is going on right now. These events offer rewards for everyone for completion, and they also offer tiered rewards depending on how well you do at completing the event efficiently. Allowing the use of 5* battle items like harpoons would alter the balance of the competition.

To @Olmor 's point, perhaps there could be a disincentive, just like using a gem continue. It would have to be sizeable enough to make a difference. Still, allowing them at all lowers the bar even for completing the challenge, and with the greatly improved rewards, maybe that’s out of place.


Now it makes sense to me. Thanks Ben. And I agree, it would create big advantage for people that can make those items.

There is no actual reason for it.

I finished the event with axes, medium mana, arrows and resurrection.

People with 4* can finish legendary with time stops only.

Allow them and just put a score penalty in place for use?

I mean they already have code to count harpoons, apply it to events

Those that just wanna complete, get an easier way of doin so, those that wanna compete are still encouraged to use the basic items


Just my 2 cents


Works for me.

Already coded a penalty for each gem continue.


I see this as an absolute necessity if they were to add Harpoons in, otherwise ranking will be even more directly about Battle Item usage.

It would be even more of an issue if paired with Bag of Holding.


Doesn’t Dragons atk do the same amont of damage?
750 i think(been using them on titans but never paid attentionto the damage :slight_smile: ).
Have fun.

400 + 132 over 6 Turns

Using Dragon Attack on Titans is a massive waste bud. The time it takes to look down and fire is far better utilised trying to find a match. Even with no buffs and only one match you would achieve far more damage. Also, clearing tiles may result in cascades, at the very worst you will have new options to move tiles. Bottom line, tiles do way more damage

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Sorry, i meant harpoons, that what i use on titans not dragons.
I keep dragons for events.
Most of the time i forget to use them anyways. :grin:

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