[Suggestion] Add recruits to all 8 chests

[Suggestion] Add recruits to all 8 chests

Watching a very old video of Anchor, and saw they had a House level 1, realized few people level Houses to 4x Level 20.

Add recruits ( and food, and iron) to all 8 Wanted Mission chests.

The more recruit storage you have the more recruits you get from chests.

I would look forward to rare chests again if I got 1 recruits per 1k iron/ food in the chest algorithm.

([Suggestion] Add HUGE amounts of iron and food to Rare Wanted Elemental Chests)

Also would not mind Challenge event coins, in all 8 chest loot tables, but that is another forum topic.

Very nice idea,… would give +1 vote if I’m not in limitation.

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