[Suggestion] Add HUGE amounts of iron and food to Rare Wanted Elemental Chests

[Suggestion] Add huge amounts of iron and food to Rare Wanted Elemental Chests

Today I was surprised to notice Rare wanted elemental chests do not include ANY iron or food.

I opened my ice chest today to the usual disappointment ( to be fair I did get 3x loot tickets for Atlantis Rising). But I was further disappointed by zero iron.

I was really hoping for a #%*$&@&ton of iron.

Add a HUGE amount of iron, and food, to Rare wanted elemental chests. My class nodes, and 5* battle items, need them.

I didn’t notice the iron/ham missing from these until it was mentioned in these forums. I guess I was more interested in seeing if I received anything useful? Strange that this wouldn’t be included in these rare chests? Oversight or purposeful? Either way I’m 100% in agreement. Especially now with my iron/food shortages



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Bump. My last 2 elemental chests were in the raid slot, that always gives at least 210k food and 180k iron. Have been needing that lately so I was disappointed, and doubly so to get the usual battle manual/tall boots/scabbards. I need like 50M food.

Bit of a bump on this request.

Would be interested in seeing Food & Iron BUNDLES added as loot rolls to the Elemental Chests.

Especially as they are now becoming more commonplace in game (given by PoV, Emblem Resets & now offers also).


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