[Suggestion] Add HUGE amounts of iron and food to Rare Wanted Elemental Chests

[Suggestion] Add huge amounts of iron and food to Rare Wanted Elemental Chests

Today I was surprised to notice Rare wanted elemental chests do not include ANY iron or food.

I opened my ice chest today to the usual disappointment ( to be fair I did get 3x loot tickets for Atlantis Rising). But I was further disappointed by zero iron.

I was really hoping for a #%*$&@&ton of iron.

Add a HUGE amount of iron, and food, to Rare wanted elemental chests. My class nodes, and 5* battle items, need them.

I didn’t notice the iron/ham missing from these until it was mentioned in these forums. I guess I was more interested in seeing if I received anything useful? Strange that this wouldn’t be included in these rare chests? Oversight or purposeful? Either way I’m 100% in agreement. Especially now with my iron/food shortages



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Bump. My last 2 elemental chests were in the raid slot, that always gives at least 210k food and 180k iron. Have been needing that lately so I was disappointed, and doubly so to get the usual battle manual/tall boots/scabbards. I need like 50M food.

Bit of a bump on this request.

Would be interested in seeing Food & Iron BUNDLES added as loot rolls to the Elemental Chests.

Especially as they are now becoming more commonplace in game (given by PoV, Emblem Resets & now offers also).


Bump Bump. Elemental chests are annoying in that they have no food…

And you know… why not…? Hamgate taught us that huge quantities of Ham doesn’t break the game economy so…?


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