[Suggestion] Add a Mana bonus 2* troop

Rainbow teams and troops

Because of color stacking ( see notes ) troops have the most impact on rainbow teams.

Rainbow teams are excellent on defense.

Defense heroes in center, and flank, often benefit from crit troops because of the high +DEF an high +HP.

Defense heroes in flank, and corner, often benefit from mana troops because of the increased triggering of special skills and crit troops because they live longer to use their normal/ slash/ physical attacks ( double normal damage can be substantial with emblem heroes ).

Because of this, 3* / 4* crit troops and 4* mana troops are very useable at level 1 ( see notes ). In fact, all troops were original level 1 before leveling was added with the Barracks building ( see notes )


Healing is pretty meh.

If it was like talents “X% chance of 2x Healing” then it would be useful.

I would not mind if 3* troops had the healing bonus replaced with mana bonus.

Or a fourth 3* troop was added.

But adding a fourth 3* troop ( not F2P friendly ) or retroactively changing 3* healing bonus troops ( players who got rid of them ) both have problems, especially if you also add a 2* mana troop.

Rare/ Epic tier

I do not see any situation were just adding 2* mana troops to the game, like they did red 1* troops and yellow 1* troops, is not the least disruptive way to add mana troops for rare/ epic tier challenge events, and rare/ epic tournaments.


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High DEF / High HP centers

Level 1 troops

Basic color stacking

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Neutral color stacking