[Suggestion] Add a Mana bonus 2* troop

[Suggestion] Add a Mana bonus 2* troop

There are already 3x types of 3* troops.

Emblems add a mana bonus to 3* heroes.

Costumes add a mana bonus to 3* heroes.

2* troops are the only troops that can be used in rare tier Challenge events, and Tournaments.

While epic tier Challenge events, and tournaments, allow 3* troops, they would also allow 2* mana troops. So deciding between 2* mana troops and 3* crit troops, for each hero would be part of the tactics and strategy.

Adding Mana bonus 2* troops would benefit all heroes with costumes and classes.

Suggested stats

2* level 15 troop

Attack +10 Defense +10 Mana +15


2* Mana troops would increase the demand for emblems and costumes.

My preferred monetization.

Especially since new 1* troops have already been added to the game ( see notes )

Troop Summoning

Or 2* Mana troops could be a bonus 10% roll every time a troop summons is preformed.

Like an HotM summons but 10% chance instead of 1.3% chance.


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Mana troops



Mana Mechanics

Adding troops


Nice suggestion, common and rare troops seem to be all similar, at least one doesn’t notice any differences.

Mana speed is the only thing with a real noticeable effect on troops.

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There aren’t any 3* mana troops either, so I would think they would add that before adding it to 2* troops.

Rainbow teams and troops

Because of color stacking ( see notes ) troops have the most impact on rainbow teams.

Rainbow teams are excellent on defense.

Defense heroes in center, and flank, often benefit from crit troops because of the high +DEF an high +HP.

Defense heroes in flank, and corner, often benefit from mana troops because of the increased triggering of special skills and crit troops because they live longer to use their normal/ slash/ physical attacks ( double normal damage can be substantial with emblem heroes ).

Because of this, 3* / 4* crit troops and 4* mana troops are very useable at level 1 ( see notes ). In fact, all troops were original level 1 before leveling was added with the Barracks building ( see notes )


Healing is pretty meh.

If it was like talents “X% chance of 2x Healing” then it would be useful.

I would not mind if 3* troops had the healing bonus replaced with mana bonus.

Or a fourth 3* troop was added.

But adding a fourth 3* troop ( not F2P friendly ) or retroactively changing 3* healing bonus troops ( players who got rid of them ) both have problems, especially if you also add a 2* mana troop.

Rare/ Epic tier

I do not see any situation were just adding 2* mana troops to the game, like they did red 1* troops and yellow 1* troops, is not the least disruptive way to add mana troops for rare/ epic tier challenge events, and rare/ epic tournaments.


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High DEF / High HP centers

Level 1 troops

Basic color stacking

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Neutral color stacking



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Got my vote… Also Think @JekylandHyde would like this…

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