[Suggestion] Accuracy buff

[Suggestion] Accuracy buff

overwrites non ally accuracy debuff

X% accuracy =
Missing color damage equals X% attack stat for random ally.

10% accuracy buff equals 10% attack stat of random ally ( Boldtusk this turn ) for missing color ( blue on team Boldtusk, Falcon, Wilbur, Rigard, Melendor)

Isn’t this in essence just a specific cleanse which wouldn’t have a use beyond the accuracy debuffers?

Cause accuracy can’t be more than 100% which a tile/ hero is by default?

So it would create too niche a hero?


The X% attack stat for missing hero gems is an interesting concept. Rest is as @Guvnor said just a niche cleanse.


I’m reserving any conclusion until i hear what brought this up @Gryphonknight


It will work with like Wu kong or ranvir against titans maybe. But sounds sooooo specific that it’ll be un-usable in raids/war even if defender has drake fong or something. Would rather just use Rigard for his… “accuracy buff” :joy:

I’ve always thought that the opposite to the accuracy debuff/blind should be the critical buff for if I’m being more accurate with my hits then I’m better at targeting weak spots/vulnerabilities for critical hits. Would be nice to be able to overwrite a blind with a critical buff…


That would certainly improve the usefulness of my Gregorion :grin:

It will help to fight Inari, Margareth, and Rogue.

I get the point.
Notice that Rigard and co do that already.

Your point would be quite interesting when Accuracy and Crit-Chance follow the same calculation.

I guess crit is sort of the opposite of blind.

So could it just be changed so a crit buff flips blind, the same way that an attack buff flips a debuff?

But that’s not as interesting as using the dead tiles idea.

Would that hero them make mono even more prevalent?

Blind is reduced accuracy always. Crit is a double hit sometimes. I don’t really see them as opposites.


This is what I thought too. It would certainly make mono more appealing if you can take advantage of the dead tiles. It makes bad boards less bad.

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Discussion of elemental links, attack stat soft cap and advanced color stacking.

Might help with the 5*+20 Telluria plus 5*+20 Vela problem.

I would reset my entire account to day 1, if doing so would have someone release an accurate damage formula. It is mind boggling how much Zynga/ SGG transparency equals mississippi delta mud. Maybe they can do better with Puzzle Combat.