Suggestion: Ability to Temporarily Opt Out Of Raiding

I’ve been a ftp player for a few days now. I’m level 8 but my heroes aren’t very strong yet. I got lucky and found a very active, friendly, and also high level guild, that allowed me to join. One of their requirements is that you have 200 cups, but most importantly that you fight titans. I worked and got to 200 cups. I’m also maintaining it, but it’s very difficult. I’d like to focus more on farming, monster and titan fighting, and hero leveling right now as a newbie. Getting p2p matchups in raids that aren’t me being expected to fight 4* and 5* opponents who are level 12 or higher, is costing me a fortune in ham lol. It’s quite stressful. But I have to keep doing it because every time I go inactive in the game, I get raided several times. So then I have to use my precious ham resource to go back in and get back up to 200 cups or more. It’s demoralizing. I’m only doing it to be in the alliance I like. It would be great if there was a way for newbies, if not every level, to opt out of raiding for a time. You couldn’t get raided, but you couldn’t gain any more cups either. Even if I could just set a time, like the right hours I’m at work, that’d be great. As it is, I try to remember to tap my phone, during work, so I don’t get raided, even though I can’t play at that time. You could even limit it to a certain number of cups so guys with a 1000 can’t just sit on them. It would certainly make the game a little less stressful. And yeah, I know, I could just see if the alliance will allow me to have under 200 for a few days or leave the alliance, but I really like the group.

This is already possible, it’s called Raid Shield. You can purchase it in the store.


On a slightly lighter note, once you are accepted into the alliance with the 200 trophy count requirement, the system won’t automatically kick you out of the alliance if your trophy count falls below the initial requirement. The only way you would be removed from the alliance once you are in is if you are kicked by a Leader/Co-Leader/Elder or you choose to leave on your own accord.

Unless there are strict rules about keeping your trophy count above the threshold from the alliance leaders, typically if you actively participate in the activities of an alliance (Titan hitting, alliance wars (once you are eligible), and generally maintaining a healthy respectful attitude towards others), most alliances should have no problems if your trophy count dips below their original “entry fee,” if you will slightly for factors beyond your control (e.g. you got raided while being inactive or offline, which happens to everyone). Keeping your trophy count up just shows you are committed to keep getting better, which is a strong plus, but by no means indicative of you as a player.

Keep your heads up and enjoy the game and not get too overly concerned about the cup count, once you progressed further into the game and obtained a good roster, 200 cups should not be hard to maintain.

Good luck.


I don’t like raiding or being raided. The bad thing I’ve spent a lot on this game but I’m going to find a game without offline raiding.

You can ignore raiding. There is absolutely no reason why you have to pay any attention to it if you don’t want to. Sit at 0 cups, kick back, relax. :slight_smile:

EDIT to add: If people could click an opt-out button, what would prevent people from getting into Diamond and then opt out of raids so they can just sit there?


I mean… you could just get a raid shield… :woman_shrugging:


I agree, raiding does cause problems for people especially when they don’t want to participate. My view would be (a) yes have an opt out button that sets you to zero cups and bronze or (b) have raiding stay in bronze but get rid of the trophies and use it as a learning experience on how to defeat certain heroes © leave as is and put your defence team as 1* hero feeders then just ignore raiding as it goes on around you.

Merge! @Rook dunno where but must of been discussed before!

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I don’t see any problem with this… As long as you empty the tower before going offline, you lose absolutely nothing. In truth, most players don’t know that…

I will explain for OP now :slightly_smiling_face:

If you empty the tower after you did whatever you had to do and go offline, for your inner peace, just check this out. Stay offline a certain number of hours. When you come back online see the amount of ham and iron in the tower. You will find out you have the exact amount collected for those hours, though you’ve been raided. Like I said, the most players don’t know this and they think actually they lost food and iron. Wrong! Of course, every raider will gain some resources attacking you, because there is no such thing in the game like available loot food 0 iron 0. But actually you don’t lose a single unit.

Another important thing about raids and I wrote this at another thread today (perhaps I should open a thread about this subject). Every time you enter raids, you see down on the page “MY WATCHTOWER”. That is the amount of food and iron you will lose if the player you attacked has a successful revenge. For this reason is written there. And for this reason you should empty the tower just before raiding.

The player who does that and goes offline, will find later in the watchtower the opponent gained only the trophies, with no resources at all. Of course, this actually doesn’t happen. Because of what I said before; there is no such thing as available loot food 0 iron 0. So, if you emptied the tower, you raided someone and you see later the opponent gained only the trophies, in fact that opponent gained the minimum loot: 4k food, 2k iron.

And I repeat… You don’t wanna raid? You don’t wanna lose resources in your tower? Just empty the tower before you go offline and problem solved.


I fully understand what you have said here. And personally, now, I don’t mind raids. But when I first started it frustrated the hell out of me. Now I raid when I want to and I revenge when I want to. And I don’t care that my trophies go up and down constantly. But you only have to read the comments in the forum to understand that some players, experienced and newbie, will always have issues around raiding. That’s why I agree, for those players, just provide an opt out button that put them in bronze with zero trophies. Issue sorted


The solution is so simple, as @Fizban already said. Dropping the trophies to 0 solves the problem; as long as to be raided, the opponent should have +/- 300 trophies. And the players which have most 300 trophies are new players, with 2* teams. Teams which are not a problem for OP :slightly_smiling_face:

But let’s be honest now… What’s the point for a player keep playing if he/she doesn’t raid? No heroes chests -> no elemental chests -> no additional loot, items and emblems. To play only with puzzle? For this are games like candy crush :slightly_smiling_face: It is an important feature of this game.

But you are right, the devs could implement a feature to opt out. AW is another important feature of this game and has this option.

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If you set a single, low-level hero as your defence team and stop raiding, you’ll soon enough be effectively opted out, I guess.

Right, that’s better. :slight_smile:

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No no, the new players will defeat him over and over again :rofl:

First, should set 5 feeders until drops the trophies to 0 and then his true defense. No one will raid that among the new players. He remains safe with 0 trophies.


You don’t have to raid to win. If you’re getting tired of losing cups overnight then change your defense team until you find one that wins more than it loses. It needs to have 2 healers and the snipers or DoT heroes need to have a mana speed of fast or better. This strategy helps me win cups and I never do the regular raiding. You can still compete in the raid tournaments like the 3* one that is currently going on and fill a raid chest that way.

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Merged. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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