[Suggestion] 3* Raid Leagues


[Suggestion] 3* Raid Leagues

Just like events, add Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to Raids.

Each player would set up a defense team for each level. If you have zero heroes on a defense team, you cannot attack in that league.

You must have at least 1 hero on your Beginner’s team (3* Heroes, 2* Troops).

If an enemy revenges themselves and you have zero heroes in that league, they fight your Beginners team.

If your trophies are 1, or higher, in a league, and you have no defense team, your Beginners defense team will defend you in that league until you reach zero trophies or you assign at least one hero to the league’s defense team.

Example if you have 1090 trophies in Advanced , but no defense team, Advanced league teams will fight your Beginners defense team.

Trophies tracked separately for each league.

Overall trophies is average of 3 leagues.

Empires is full of 3* Heroes, give them more to do.