[Suggestion] 3* Healers


[Suggestion] 3* Healers

There are lots of 3* Heroes but the only Healers are one red 3* & two green 3*. This makes it difficult if your favorite heroes are red and green but you want Healers on your 3* team.

Add 3* blue, purple & yellow Healers.

I have a team of all Healers (2* yellow, 3* green, 3* red, 4* green, 4* purple) that I farm with when I want to relax. Cascades and matching are more important for an all Healers team so they are more exciting when they happen. With five Healers, one can usually heal the team. But play is uneven because there is no 3* yellow (2*, low tile damage) and no 3* blue (missing hero, 1 point tile damage) on my team. I would love an all 3* Healer team with one of each color for breaking up the monotony of farming and so I could experiment with 3* red and 3* green heroes that are not Healers.

Empires is full of 3* Heroes, give them more to do.