Suggested New event: Titan Rage


I would like new events to be added to the game. Alliance vs alliance action has already been suggested, honestly I think everyone expects those kind of battles to exist in every alliances game.

I’m sure other players have different ideas that could be posted here. This time I’d like to suggest a ‘titan rage’ event (name it as you wish) which could work as follows:

1.- First of all, let’s define 50 titan levels, not stars for this event. The first level titan has 50k life points, the second level one has 100k, the 3rd one 150k and so on.
2.- Fix the beginning and finush date & time, for instance lasting 2 days, or a weekend…
3.- Leaders and coleaders can summon titans at will, as long as there is not another titan alive in the alliance. No waiting time required between summonings. Titans escape in 23h if they haven’t been killed before.
4.- Scoring: the alliance gets 1 point for every lvl 1 titan killed, 3 points for lvl 2 titans, 5 points for lvl 3 titans, and so on.
5.- Keep a backlog of titans summoned in the alliance, both killed and escaped ones, and players’ total damage to titans.
6.- The global ranking of alliances and players could be updated every 10 seconds.
7.- Set rewards for the alliances and players. Special rewards for the winners coukd be new heroes, a number of gems, ascension tokens…
8.- Allow purchases of alliance flasks at 50 or 100 gems each.
9.- Alliances should be closed during the event.

I hope you like the idea, I’d really love an event like this one.



This could be interesting!

As for this thread, are you looking for others to post their event ideas as well, or comment on yours? I’m thinking the topic could have a name that better reflects your intent for the conversation. That way more people will join in! :slight_smile:

Ok, thread name changed from ‘New Events’ to ‘New Event: Titan Rage’

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I think the titan Escape time would have to be lower like 10 or 12 hr if the whole event is only a weekend, otherwise the leaders summoning at will would be hindered (if they have to wait until there are no titans in the alliance). It would be a great opportunity for some of the lower score alliances (we see a 4* titan on very rare occasion in my alliance) to see some bigger badder titans!