Suggested Feature: Loot Pile

I’d like to suggest a feature called Loot Pile.

For every Alliance War or Titan fight, show us the full stack of loot the winning alliance will receive when the fight begins. This will motivate the alliances to fight for the specific loot available. Obviously no need to show which alliance members would receive which loot. The loot rolls could take place before these events, totaled, and displayed.

Happy to discuss further to fine tune this idea or hear ideas on why it wouldn’t work.

Just a potential problem with your suggestion… Those who win a war against an alliance with no defense teams (ie those who don’t participate) only get the same loot chances as those who loose the war when both sides try.

So if all the possible loot was shown before hand and all chances were farmable items, an alliance may just choose to remove their defense rather than participate in something not yet balanced and unrewarding… And then the folks going up against them also don’t have the chance to get the loot that was shown to them.

Basically, it’s an interesting idea but would only cause problems with folks omitting, affecting other people’s chance to get loot too.

why not a loot rank like the titan loot based on their points from rank 1-60 and the winning sides also get (random troop or epic hero tokens or the worthless silver summon token).

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Because that would encourage players to boost their individual scores, possibly at the expense of their alliance score as a whole. Our alliance gets higher scores and more wins when the stronger players hit and run at the strongest enemies, and the weaker ones come after and finish them off. That means I rarely get the highest individual score, even though I am the strongest player in the alliance. If the rewards were based on individual points scored, I would have an incentive to hit weaker teams that I could one-shot instead of weakening the strongest teams for everyone else.

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Then that will only show how selfish players are. instead working together as a team and luck may not be on your side every war. thus will make alliances member trust each other to work together to beat the other team. anyways it was only a suggestion and everything is improving and changing. bye bye now

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